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N95VE with temporary registration: N600G

Written on 01/29/2023 by arthur683

Please delete this old photo. a A36.

Written on 01/29/2023 by Zulumike

John Innes, yes. The IAB ramp. The IAB building is still there.

Written on 01/29/2023 by John Giambone

Parabéns pela foto atualizando a historia da aviação .

Written on 01/29/2023 by Jose Flavio DE SOUZA

Roll Freedom One

Written on 01/29/2023 by James Simms

FL470 Mach 0.90

Written on 01/29/2023 by arthur683

That's me - fleeing the scene

Written on 01/29/2023 by arthur683

Beautiful photo, very hard to capture since the moon is only 30' 24" in diameter. Based on the date, the moon's angular size and the length of the A-320 (123.25'), it's altitude at FL 330,the photo seems to have been taken at 08:25 a.m., local time KIND, on January 20th 2022. Distance from the camera to the A-320 was 21.8 statute miles or 18.9 nautical miles.

Written on 01/29/2023 by pelican006

No, she is no longer ‘active’, but she is far from being forgotten. I flew/instructed on the 747 (the ‘Classic’ and the -400) for almost 10 years, and I can attest she rightfully earned the title, “Queen of the skies.” The photos are a much appreciated remembrance and tribute to her reigning legacy! Thanks for sharing John!

Written on 01/29/2023 by Craig Ehler

perfektes Winterlicht

Written on 01/29/2023 by Fabian Dirscherl

Was this photo taken from the Old IAB in IND?

Written on 01/29/2023 by John Innes

A unique plane with no replacement in sight.

Written on 01/28/2023 by David Ingram

Mark, this was taken from the truck loading dock by the International Arrivals building, late mid to late 90's I want to say.

Written on 01/28/2023 by John Giambone

Nice catch Brian-yes he took alright...and FA thought is was so good they started using the watermark again, but just for this picture :)

Written on 01/28/2023 by Dave Sheehy

Maintanence: Captain, the right rear wheel is low on air.

Captain: Quick, deploy the airbags!!

Written on 01/28/2023 by Roger Vazquez

@Drew - That's awesome! And yes, I would be more than happy. Please email me at and I can send you a copy.

Written on 01/28/2023 by AeroAni

touch and goes..?

Written on 01/28/2023 by serge LOTH

touch and goes..?

Written on 01/28/2023 by serge LOTH

According to some H pilots friends ,it seems to be an excellent Helicopter.

Written on 01/28/2023 by serge LOTH

Airfield used for training and cargo , with a future short live...

Written on 01/28/2023 by serge LOTH

So scenic!

Written on 01/28/2023 by Aarnav Vijay

btw: The movie is "Fly Away Home". Tells the story of geese bonding with a child and the famliy's effort to TEACH them to migrate. Worthy of your time.

Written on 01/28/2023 by a mentor

Nice photo.

Got a lot of time in the G2 and J2. Fun to fly for sure.

Written on 01/28/2023 by ANDREW DULAY

Tom, you have a lot of classic pictures.

Written on 01/28/2023 by chris lucak

One of the earlier MD-80's with the original DC-9 tail cones.

Written on 01/28/2023 by chris lucak

did you take this shot?

Written on 01/28/2023 by Brian Wilkes


This is the kind of atmosphere conditions you need to get a 5-vote shot like this. Chris C. rocks on overhead military pics from his mid-American location.

Written on 01/28/2023 by warmwynds

Hello. I am a pilot for Horizon Airlines and I flew the Q400. I love this photo. Is there any way I could get a copy of this photo? I would love to print it off and put it on the wall

Written on 01/27/2023 by drew scherschligt

Dassault Falcon 7X

Written on 01/27/2023 by RuboSay

now, THAT'S how you g-g-get around !

Written on 01/27/2023 by robert anderson

Thank you for posting
I trained as an AP mechanic in high school, we had one of these birds and was my favorite to work on and fly in

Written on 01/27/2023 by Robert Sloane

The Paint Shouts Out """AMERICAN AIRLINES"""

Written on 01/27/2023 by VICTOR SPURIO

This shot could be in a photography art display. Very original!!

Written on 01/27/2023 by Steven H Wilcox

Since the 15ADE the ganders are both loud, maybe it’s a match made in Heaven! Great shot!!

Written on 01/27/2023 by Steven H Wilcox

Hoorah USA!! Great paint theme!

Written on 01/27/2023 by Steven H Wilcox

Any idea where this might have been taken?

Written on 01/27/2023 by Mark Kulda

I like it I have also have a sigma 600mm and I enjoy using that lense

Written on 01/27/2023 by Dieter Hylla

Love the dual VOR ADF and Mkr Beacons. Also quite the stunning photo capture. It's why we fly.

Written on 01/27/2023 by themold

Beautiful, fun flying. I guess they're hydro-planing. I would think at just the right point the tires just start to skid over the water. Awesome.
But a zipper case isn't really that water-tight. I wouldn't want to use that rifle given the abuse it gets. That would be hard even on a SS barrel.

Written on 01/27/2023 by 2sheds

Odds are very, VERY slim that I'll ever see an A388 at little old KRNO, so this was the next best option for me to snap one without having to travel hundreds of miles. Kick back in the side yard with a hot cup of coffee and watch the screen as FA showed this Emirates coming closer and closer. And then, in the distance, coming toward me from just east of Pyramid Lake, it was really easy to see the contrails. And as it passed overhead at 37,000 feet, all I had to do was sight it in the viewfinder, focus, and click away. Gorgeous.
I'd like to send a big Thank You to FA member C. Collingsworth. He posts lots of shots of a/c passing over his place and his pics gave me the idea to try this. And it worked out wonderfully. Not only did I get this big Bus, I also snapped an F-18 headed west from NAS Fallon and a Qatar A35K. TYVVM for the idea, Chris. (Wave)

Written on 01/27/2023 by Gary Schenauer

Hey, Darryl & Greg .... Much appreciate the complis, guys. There are (currently) 29 spotting locations around RNO and every one of them has snow in the background. The snow in the low foothills won't last long so I'm getting shots with snow on the foothills before it melts away.

Written on 01/27/2023 by Gary Schenauer

Thanx, Greg. I was just emailing Ken and mentioning that we FINALLY have some great snow this winter. Makes for some fine backgrounds to the pics. I met a guy visiting this area and escorted him airside so he could get some good snaps. This pic (above) was taken just before he and I got together but he was able to get a similar pic about 30 minutes later, and it was neat being out with someone who is truly interested in av photography. (Wave)

Written on 01/27/2023 by Gary Schenauer

Thank you for the history.

Written on 01/27/2023 by John Yarno

Wow!!! Outstanding shot.

Written on 01/27/2023 by BIGDJB

Great picture - I never get tired of seeing Freedom One!

Written on 01/27/2023 by hamlettj

Great picture - I never get tired of seeing Freedom One!

Written on 01/27/2023 by hamlettj

Hello. I am the previous owner of N57295. Can you email me please?

I'd like to see if I could purchase the fuselage or maybe retrieve the tail number for another proposed aircraft. 407-967-5118 -Marcel Joffe

Written on 01/27/2023 by Marcel Joffe

I'm looking for exit 77 South...

Written on 01/27/2023 by John Yarno

Great capture

Written on 01/27/2023 by Peter Sayers

Love it!!

Written on 01/27/2023 by Adriana Varela

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