FlightAware Foresight™

FlightAware foresight™ predictive flight data

Predictive technology to strengthen customer trust in your operations

FlightAware Foresight™ provides early and accurate predictions

Estimated Arrival Times

Estimated Arrival Times

Dependable ETAs/ELDTs/EIBTs for complex and dynamic operations, delivered early during a flight, so you can take action and improve your bottom line

Taxi Out Duration Predictions

Taxi Out Duration Predictions

Intelligent ML-driven taxi out estimates offer opportunities for more efficient and sustainable operations

Increasing Operational Efficiency Gate-to-Gate

FlightAware Foresight™ predictions are based on flight track and timestamp statistical analysis of hundreds of thousands of flights in the air, en route, on the ground, and pertinent weather data. Our advanced machine learning models identify key influencing factors for any flight to forecast future events in real-time. By having access to Foresight™'s accurate time predictions, aircraft operators and airports can implement greater efficiencies that will in turn enhance sustainability.

Industry Leading ETAs - Reduce the Cost and Impact of Delays

Using over three petabytes of global historical data, Foresight™ models predict landing and gate arrival times with spectacular accuracy. No matter where you're flying in the world, you'll get industry-leading arrival predictions, including current flight position data, airport, en route weather forecasts (including METAR, NBM, and GFS), and airport and aircraft metadata.

Taxi Out Duration - Irregular Operations No Longer Mean Unpredictable Operations

By combining quantifiable real-time data and machine learning, we're able to take the guesswork out of taxi time estimates to support efficient ground operations, increased sustainability, and decreased fuel costs. Having the industry's most complete historical data allows Foresight™ to dynamically adjust to changing conditions, bringing predictability to irregular operations.

Raise the bar with FlightAware Foresight™

With the most comprehensive dataset in the world, FlightAware Foresight™'s predictive models provide unprecedented insight to improve operational efficiencies and facilitate better decision making in the air and on the ground.

  • Ensure optimal use of all gate resources for faster turn times and better aircraft utilization

  • Improve fuel efficiency and further sustainability goals

  • Prioritize flights for on-time connections

  • Accurately predict aircraft in and on times with machine learning models

  • Proactively make intelligent decisions to improve on-time performance with 30-50% more accurate ETA predictions

FlightAware's predictive technology is available through Firehose and AeroAPI.

Why FlightAware Foresight™ Outperforms Legacy Systems

  1. FlightAware has the largest repository of historical data with a comprehensive global view of flight operations.

  2. Foresight™, powered by HyperFeed®, produces the industry's best-in-class and most accurate flight tracking information by crunching hundreds of gigabytes a day and fusing billions of raw data points.

  3. Combining our proven expertise in machine learning with access to the world's most comprehensive aviation and flight data repository fuels our predictive models - capable of identifying key influencing factors for any flight and predicting future events in real-time.

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