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Qantas Wants 100 Execs To Work As Ground Handlers For 3 Months

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Qantas is asking 100 executives and senior managers to swap the soft office seats and personal assistants for a three-month spell as a ground handler. The embattled airline has put an HQ SOS out, asking for volunteers. The temporary work placements will run for 90 days on a five-day-a-week basis, although there is no suggestion the executives will receive the same low weekly wage as the permanent ground handling crews. (www.msn.com) עוד...

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Delta Pilots retirement salute

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Kind of a quick taxi and a short salute but, Delta Air Lines Airbus A350 N510DN pulling into the gate for a pilot retirement after operating flt 95 from AMS 8-9-22 (www.youtube.com) עוד...

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Boeing delivers its first 787 Dreamliner after pausing for over a year

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Boeing is starting to overcome one of its larger hurdles in recent memory. CNBC notes the aircraft maker has delivered its first 787 Dreamliner in over a year, supplying American Airlines with one out of the nine vehicles it expects to receive in 2022. Boeing paused manufacturing in May 2021 as the Federal Aviation Administration reviewed how the company inspected planes following a string of manufacturing problems. (www.engadget.com) עוד...

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Breeze Announces Expansion Into Phoenix

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Travelers near Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) will now be able to fly to two new destinations with Breeze Airways. The new, twice-weekly flights to Provo, Utah (PVU) and Charleston, South Carolina (CHS) are set to debut on November 2, 2022. (aeroxplorer.com) עוד...

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Air India to Reportedly Lease Six Boeing 777s

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Air India, the now privatized flag carrier of India, is reportedly planning to lease six Boeing 777 aircraft. This comes after reports stating that the airline's current Boeing 777 fleet contains faulty seats with a highly rundown cabin atmosphere, resulting in flights being significantly delayed. Additionally, the airline is desperately seeking to expand its presence throughout North America. (aeroxplorer.com) עוד...

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Wizz Air set to resume flights to Russia

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Wizz Air has announced it will be resuming flights to Russia starting in October... (www.aviationweekly.org) עוד...

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A Southwest Airlines Landing Was So Hard It Fractured A Flight Attendant's Spine

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The short runway at SNA means crew aim for less "floating" of the aircraft - this time it resulted in a flight attendant being evacuated by paramedics (simpleflying.com) עוד...

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How Does an Aircraft APU Work?

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Modern airplanes are outfitted with auxiliary power units (APUs) to meet the aircraft's large energy requirements while the engines are not running. This self-contained unit represents a constant-speed gas turbine engine located in the airplane's tail cone which is isolated in a titanium fireproof compartment from the rest of the aircraft. But how does it work? INFORMATIONAL (aeroxplorer.com) עוד...

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Air Canada shows big ambitions for cargo startup

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Air Canada's freighter operation is essentially a new company and the airline is putting lots of resources into it. (www.freightwaves.com) עוד...

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Russian sanctioned airlines disassemble aircraft for spare parts

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A group of Russian airlines is stripping planes of spare parts as sanctions implemented due to Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine impact the country. (asiaplustj.info) עוד...

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