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Delta's chief executive hints at a possible Boeing 737 MAX order

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ATLANTA — Delta's CEO Ed Bastian hinted at the possibility of ordering Boeing’s 737 MAX, which was recently approved to fly again by U.S. regulators, in an interview with the Financial Times on Sunday. "We're talking to Boeing about lots of different things, the Max included," Delta's chief executive told the Financial Times. Any Boeing 737 MAX order would be the first for Delta, which did not have the aircraft in its fleet when the plane was grounded in March 2019… (www.airlinerwatch.com) עוד...

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Helicopter pilot finds 'strange' monolith in remote part of Utah

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A mysterious monolith has been discovered in a remote part of Utah, after being spotted by state employees counting sheep from a helicopter. Utah’s highway patrol shared images of both the sheep and the monolith. (www.yahoo.com) עוד...

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Why Did Airbus Make Indian Airlines A Special A320 with Different Landing Gear?

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Indian Airlines was primarily a domestic airline, later absorbed into Air India. When Airbus sold the airline a number of Airbus A320s, the European plane maker created a special version with unique landing gear just for them. (travelupdate.com) עוד...

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Alaska Airlines modernizes fleet with deal for more 737 MAX jets

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Alaska Airlines is doing some creative financing and fleet replacement to reduce costs, debt. On Monday it swapped out older A320s for new 737 MAX jets. (www.freightwaves.com) עוד...

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Retired British Airways 747 Catches Fire

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British Airways has stored many of its 747s at Castellon Airport in Spain, which has the airport code CDT. Well, unfortunately today one of these parked 747s caught fire, and it caused some significant damage to the plane. (onemileatatime.com) עוד...

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ForeFlight Black Friday Deals!

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Now through Cyber Monday, ForeFlight is offering an extra 3 months free when you purchase or upgrade to Performance Plus, or get an extra month free when you purchase or upgrade to Pro Plus!* Save 10% on Sentry and Sentry Mini through Sporty's Pilot Shop Nov 25-30. *Not eligible for renewals of the same plan. Valid on website purchases only. (foreflight.com) עוד...

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Embraer and Porsche announce “Duet package”, a “Car + Airplane” combo

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Both renowned for their world-class engineering, performance and design, manufacturers will produce a small number of pairs of business jets and sports cars, providing a truly seamless experience from the road to the clouds for the first time in history... (cmsherbert.blogspot.com) עוד...

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I visited a United Club during the pandemic and saw how the airline is re-imagining the airport lounge as it slowly welcomes back travelers

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United Airlines is slowly reopening its premium lounges, aptly named United Clubs, across the country as more flyers return to the skies. Only 10 lounges have opened their doors with at least one at each of United's hubs in the US but locations at 25 airports across the airline's global network remain closed. (www.businessinsider.com) עוד...

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Qantas Considers Requiring Passengers To Be Covid-19 Vaccinated Before Traveling With Them

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Qantas CEO Alan Joyce has said that his team is looking to change the airline’s terms and conditions so that travelers will need to show that they have been Covid-19 vaccinated before boarding one of their aircraft in the future. (www.gatechecked.com) עוד...

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