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Zelensky Wants To Build Second An-225

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Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky says he wants to see a partially built An-225 finished to replace the one destroyed in fighting in Hostomel early in the war with Russia. It will cost about $800 million to finish the second aircraft, which has been stored in good condition since getting to about 70 percent complete in 1994. In a speech to students, Zelensky suggested the country can’t afford to not build the aircraft. “But in this case, it’s not a matter of money, it’s a matter of ambition,”… (www.avweb.com) עוד...

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Ethiopian Airlines orders five Boeing 777-8F cargo jets

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Ethiopian Airlines announced on May 25 it is expanding its all-Boeing freighter fleet with an order for five 777 Freighters. The order is currently unidentified on Boeing’s orders and deliveries website. (www.airguide.info) עוד...

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Boeing Gears Up to Renew its Safety Culture After 737 MAX Crashes

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In response to the two deadly 737 MAX crashes, Boeing’s Chief Aerospace Safety Officer Mike Delaney on Monday outlined how — beyond specific changes to its design practices and its manufacturing operations — the company’s leadership aims to rebuild and improve its entire safety culture. (www.seattletimes.com) עוד...

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Jetstar unveils new-look Airbus fleet with fuel-saving paint

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Jetstar has unveiled what its new fleet of Airbus aircraft will look like in the sky, complete with special paint that improves aircraft fuel economy. (www.9news.com.au) עוד...

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Crunching The Numbers: Brazil's Oldest Active Commercial Aircraft

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Brazil's commercial aviation industry is rich and diverse, with data from ch-aviation.com listing 500 commercial aircraft as presently being active in the country. Among these planes are a significant range of ages, with the youngest being less than a year old. However, what's the situation like at the other end of the scale? Three vintage freighters All three of the oldest active Brazilian-registered commercial aircraft currently fly for a Belo Horizonte-headquartered cargo and… (www.msn.com) עוד...

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Alaska Air pilots take strike vote over 'stalled' contract negotiations

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CHICAGO, May 24 (Reuters) - Hundreds of pilots at Alaska Air Group Inc (ALK.N) are submitting their final votes on whether to authorize a strike over "stalled" contract negotiations, underscoring growing labor tensions in the U.S. airline industry. (www.reuters.com) עוד...

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American Airlines Awarded Just $1 In Decade Old Court Case

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A legal case initially brought by US Airways and inherited by American Airlines after the merger of the two carriers in 2013 has resulted in the Dallas-based mega-carrier being awarded just a single dollar in damages by a US court, despite winning the case. Let's unravel the background of the legal action to discover why the airline's victory leaves it with little to celebrate. Background to the case Following a three-week trial, A US court jury has decided on a legal battle that has… (www.msn.com) עוד...

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SpiceJet faces ransomware attack leading to passenger flight delays at Delhi Airport

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Indian low-cost carrier SpiceJet faced a ransomware attack leading to a host of passenger flight delays at Delhi Airport. The news regarding the cyberattack was released on the morning of May 25, 2022, when scheduled airline flights were unable to depart from its Indian hubs at Delhi (DEL) and Hyderabad (HYD). According to the Times of India, it took several hours for the airline to solve the problem which saw hundreds of passengers stranded at local airports. (www.airguide.info) עוד...

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How A Boeing 727 Went Missing In 2003

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Boeing Stock Code BA Business Type Planemaker Date Founded 1916-07-15 CEO Dave Calhoun Headquarters Location Chicago, USA Key Product Lines Boeing 737, Boeing 747, Boeing 757, Boeing 767, Boeing 777, Boeing 787. Disappearing big planes are rare events, given the extent of modern tracking data available nowadays. Nonetheless, every now and then, the disappearance of a big passenger jet flies under the public radar. That's the case with a Boeing 727-200 that departed from Luanda's Quatro… (www.msn.com) עוד...

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GE’s Catalyst close to certification as first all-new turboprop engine design in more than 50 years

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GE Aviation unit Avio Aero said it has continued to progress toward certifying its new Catalyst turboprop engine, they said it has completed 50 percent of certification testing which involves more than 3,000 hours of combined operations... (www.aviationweekly.org) עוד...

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