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Spirit Wins Ex-Southwest Slots At Newark Airport

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Spirit Airlines has won 16 peak-hour runway timings (or slots) at New York's Newark Airport. Spirit Airlines faced down competition from JetBlue for all 16 slots and Alaska Airlines for four of the slots. But the US Department of Transportation (DOT) found that Spirit Airlines was best able to provide competition with all 16 timings, consistent with the Department of Justice's original competition remedy. The 16 slots will allow Spirit Airlines to offer eight services a day in and out… (www.msn.com) עוד...

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Russian Airlines Ask To Return Planes To Lessors

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For the first time since the beginning of the economic sanctions, two Russian airlines have asked the Ministry of Transport for permission to return some aircraft to foreign lessors. The applications were submitted in April and May, but the ministry has yet to respond. Request to return the MAX One of the Russian airlines was S7, which wished to return two Boeing 737 MAX. The two aircraft are currently not certified, and any operation of the aircraft type was banned due to the two fatal… (www.msn.com) עוד...

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Jackson Hole Airport Reopens Following Lengthy Closure

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After an 11-month closure, Jackson Hole (JAC) airport finally reopened on June 28. Closed on April 11— typically a downtime for the airport in passenger traffic—renovations were made to the security lines and runway. In a press release from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) released on Tuesday, it was announced that the airport began screening travelers in this newly-renovated security checkpoint with a computed tomography (CT) scanner to screen travelers' carry-on luggage.… (aeroxplorer.com) עוד...

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