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Boeing Sees Chinese Max Certification by Year-end

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Boeing expects China’s civil aviation authority to certify the 737 Max for return to service in that country by the end of the year, an eventuality that will allow its plan to increase production rates from 16 to 31 in early 2022. Although the Civil Aviation Administration of China’s approval by year-end remains an assumption, Boeing CEO David Calhoun reported during the company’s second-quarter earnings call on Wednesday that he feels confident in the projection given the feedback he has… (www.ainonline.com) עוד...

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Aviation heavyweights flock to U.S. grassroots air jamboree to fill pilot shortage

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The wings of a Boeing 737 MAX airliner swept over green fields populated by colorful small planes, lending a rare corporate touch to the world's largest grassroots air show this past week. EAA AirVenture brought together more than half a million aviation enthusiasts and thousands of vintage or homebuilt aircraft and aerobatic showstoppers to Oshkosh, Wisconsin, for a celebration dubbed the Woodstock of aviation. For one week, the annual summer event becomes the world's busiest airspace… (www.yahoo.com) עוד...

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Airlines like United and American are dedicating billions of dollars to fly a new type of aircraft that won't require pilots

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United Airlines became the first major US airline to place an order for electric take-off and land aircraft, better known as eVTOLs, in February and its early adoption kicked off a trend in the industry. American Airlines soon followed with a $1 billion preorder with Vertical Aerospace for up to 250 eVTOLs. (www.businessinsider.com) עוד...

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Air India Plans To Keep Its Boeing 747 Fleet

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The onset of the coronavirus pandemic last year prompted several airlines to prematurely retire their remaining Boeing 747s. However, this has not been the case everywhere. Indeed, Air India is set to retain its last four jumbos for the time being. This comes after a recent statement from the country’s Minister of State for Civil Aviation regarding the 747s. According to reports in the Indian media, the country’s flag carrier Air India is set to buck industry trends by keeping its remaining… (simpleflying.com) עוד...

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Lufthansa Operates First Newark To Malta Flight For Summer Cruises

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Flying between Newark and Malta isn’t a typical route for a German carrier. However, it’s a service that is set to run up to three times a week this summer, using Lufthansa’s Airbus A350s. This flight is actually a partnership with Viking Cruises, with the first service taking off from Newark yesterday. The first flight of a special service Taking off on July 30th from its Munich home, the Airbus A350-900 registered D-AIXL headed to Newark Liberty airport in New Jersey as LH412. This roughly… (simpleflying.com) עוד...

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ExpressJet to Resume Operations

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ExpressJet Airlines says it will resume service “within the quarter” after the US Department of Transportation (DOT) granted the regional carrier permission to restart commercial operations under its own brand. Atlanta-based ExpressJet had shuttered in September 2020 after United Airlines terminated its exclusive flying agreement with the airline. It applied to the DOT for recertification on 15 April, saying at the time it planned to fly point-to-point routes to underserved cities that had lost… (www.flightglobal.com) עוד...

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SKY, Chile airline receives its first Airbus A321neo

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Low-cost Chilean airline, SKY received its first leased A321neo from Air... (cmsherbert.blogspot.com) עוד...

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Airbus officially confirms the A350F

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FRANKFURT, GERMANY — European planemaker Airbus now targets one of Boeing’s most profitable strongholds with plans for a freighter version of its A350 passenger jet.Airbus, today, officially announced the upcoming freighter version of its new-generation passenger jet Airbus A350. “We believe we have a very promising aircraft,” Chief Executive Guillaume Faury said after unveiling better-than-expected half-year results. (www.airlinerwatch.com) עוד...

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Seawind Saga: Pilot who crashed in Lake Michigan had 7 crashes in 7 days

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Dennis Collier, a licensed Traverse City pilot, paid $110,000 for the 2010 Seawind on a Saturday, ended up in the drink a week later, and on the way crashed — by his own account — seven times, in seven days in four states. (www.record-eagle.com) עוד...

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