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Delta flight from South Africa to Atlanta diverted to Boston for "technical specifications"

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A Delta Airbus 350 (Flight 201) landed at Boston Logan on Sunday November 29, 2021. Flight was scheduled from Johannesburg (JNB) to Atlanta (ATL). The explanation in the news stated the reason for the temporary diversion "has to do with technical specifications of our A350 aircraft and the payload of this particular flight". There was also a crew change as reported. Passengers were not allowed to deplane during the diversion ground time. Does anyone have more specific information on… (www.wcvb.com) עוד...

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Ryanair 737 flies into a flock of Herons!!

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Crazy story with even crazier pictures. Congrats to the crew for the phenomenal job landing the aircraft safely. (www.dailymail.co.uk) עוד...

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Man accused of accidentally firing gun at airport turns himself in

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The man suspected of accidentally firing a gun at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport earlier this month, causing pandemonium in the terminal and serious travel delays, has surrendered to authorities. Kenny Wells Jr., 42, turned himself in to the Clayton County Jail on Tuesday, Atlanta police announced in a news release. Wells, who has served prison time on weapons charges, is accused of firing the gun when he lunged to grab it from his bag as his luggage was being searched by TSA agents at… (www.ajc.com) עוד...

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Costly Airbus A350 paint flaw goes wider than the Gulf

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DUBAI (Reuters) - A dispute between Airbus and Qatar Airways over paint and surface flaws on A350 jets stretches beyond the Gulf, with at least five other airlines raising concerns since the high-tech model entered service. The planemaker said in response to queries from Reuters there had been some problems with "early surface wear" that in some cases had made visible a sub-layer of mesh designed to absorb lightning, which it is working to fix. (finance.yahoo.com) עוד...

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Germany’s DLR starts hydrogen fuel cell aircraft propulsion project

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Germany’s Aerospace Research agency has taken delivery of the flying testbed to be used in its hydrogen fuel cell propulsion project. (www.aerospacetestinginternational.com) עוד...

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