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MD-83 Crash Near Houston

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Major crash, many details still unknown at this time. (www.kxan.com) עוד...

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Boeing Warns Of Defective 787 Parts

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Boeing has told authorities that some of the small titanium parts that hold the Boeing 787 together were not manufactured properly. It has also stressed that the issue presents no immediate flight safety issues. The parts were made by an Italian company and sold to Boeing by Leonardo, a major supplier to Boeing. Leonardo no longer buys parts from that company (Manufacturing Processes Specification). It does not appear any aircraft will be grounded and any fleet action will be determined after… (www.avweb.com) עוד...

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Ex-Jet Airways 777 Flies To Be Scrapped After 2 Years Stuck In Amsterdam

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On Tuesday afternoon, Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport said goodbye to a Boeing 777-300ER that had been parked there for 2.5 years. (simpleflying.com) עוד...

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Airbus to expand freighter conversion lines to US, China

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The A321 and A330 are gaining interest from cargo operators and Airbus needs more space to convert used passenger jets into cargo haulers. (www.freightwaves.com) עוד...

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How The Boeing 747 Carried The Space Shuttle

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The Boeing 747 is a great aircraft and has been a ‘piggyback’ aircraft for the NASA Space Shuttle. (simpleflying.com) עוד...

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Aviation Stats Update - October 19, 2021

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"Business aviation traffic numbers soared to the highest they've been in three years, exceeding 2019 numbers by 26% this past week (October 11 - October 14) as thousands gathered to innovate and grow business aviation at the 2021 NBAA-BACE in Las Vegas." (blog.flightaware.com) עוד...

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