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קריאות וכותרות ראשיות ✈ כללי ✈ פופולריים (24 hours)

Pilot buzzes beach goers and houses, ditches plane at coast guard base, flees

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Pilot performs various illegal low altitude maneuvers over houses and beach goers, ditches plane at coast guard base, flees. Pictures and videos contained in the article. ( עוד...

(Video) World Premiere: the Pilatus PC-24 Landing on an Unpaved Runway

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Woodbridge Airfield to the north east of London offers optimum test conditions: Pilatus spent two weeks there in June 2018 testing the PC-24’s landing and take-off capabilities on the airfield’s unmade runway for the first time. ( עוד...

Airbus opens fourth A320 Family production line in Hamburg

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New standard in scanning and automation, driving efficiency. One of the biggest responsible for increasing Airbus' production in the single-aisle segment... ( עוד...

FAA Faces Scrutiny Over How It Handled Concerns About Southwest Operations Before Flight 1380 Tragedy

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A federal watchdog is investigating the Federal Aviation Administration’s oversight of Southwest Airlines after a hotline complaint about operational issues at the airline and the engine failure incident on Flight 1380 which led to a passenger’s death. The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Office of the Inspector General issued a memorandum on Wednesday announcing the audit. The DOT received a complaint alleging a number of operational issues at Southwest, including alleged pilot training… ( עוד...

UAL JFK Operations 6/24/18

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UAL Irregular Operations JFK (Charter) 6/24/18. I wish I could have been at JFK to see this one!!! I believe this is the first United flight to fly into JFK since UA stopped operations there. It would be unusual enough just to see a one of their aircraft at Kennedy never mind a B753!!! ( עוד...

China Airlines Freight 747 Touches Down in Grass at Chicago

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A China Airlines Freight flight on an ILS approach to ORD 10L touched down on soft ground, hitting a wind sock. The aircraft went around and safely landed with minor damage later. ( עוד...

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