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Brazil: Concessions and Regional Aviation were highlights at Airport Infra Expo

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Held in Brasilia on April 26, the 7th edition of Airport Infra Expo was the setting for debates on key issues for the airport infrastructure sector, with special emphasis on the new concessions and the Regional Aviation Program... ( עוד...

Airbus Finding Difficulty in Selling the A330neo

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After losing their Hawaiian Airlines order, it seems like Airbus is having trouble finding customers for their A330neo models. Their chances at winning orders in a recent bid to sell the A330neo to United Airlines as a replacement for their aging 767s is dwindling as competition with Boeing and their 787s is fierce. ( עוד...

Alaska Airlines' First Flight Piloted by Two African-American Women

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Alaska Airlines added to its own history with their first-ever flight commanded by two African-American women pilots. Captain Tara Write and First Officer Mallory Cave operated the carrier's historic flight from San Francisco (SFO) to Portland (PDX). ( עוד...

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