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New Data Available on FlightAware Home Page
FlightAware is pleased to announce the placement of key data points on the home page of the website. (עוד)
United Airlines Boeing 787 u-turns three times in two days
A United Airlines Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner was involved in three separate incidents over the span of two days, as it attempted to depart from Tokyo’s Narita International Airpor (עוד)
United States Becomes Latest To Ban PIA Over License Scandal
The fallout over the fake license scandal at Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is growing (עוד)
Spirit Gives Sick 4 Year Old VIP Treatment With Private Jet
A four-year-old child was ruined forever after Spirit Airlines laid on an empty plane to repatriate the young lady and her family back to Puerto Rico last week (עוד)
NTSB: Los Angeles Newscopter Hit Drone
The NTSB has concluded that damage sustained by a Los Angeles news helicopter late last year likely resulted from a drone strike. In findings released last week, the Board conc (עוד)
British Airways Returns to Gatwick Airport
British Airways (BA) will resume flights to London Gatwick Airport (LGW) on July 18 as BA continues the restart of its long- and short-haul flights. (עוד)

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