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Hi Fly’s Airbus A380 Causes Panic & Joy After Flying Just 230m Above Coastline
The A380, registered as 9H-MIP, flew just 230 meters above the Algarve coastline in a stunt that impressed many keen aviation enthusiasts. The Portuguese charter airline said t (עוד)
United Airlines flight at Newark Airport is evacuated on the tarmac after 'a passenger made a bomb threat on board'
A United Airlines flight has been evacuated at Newark Airport after a passenger made a bomb threat on board, reports suggest. A Twitter user uploaded a picture showing a con (עוד)
Porter Airlines Schedules Restart for October 7
Canadian short-haul carrier Porter Airlines (PD) is still on the sidelines since the COVID-19 outbreak forced it to suspend operations on March 21. (עוד)
Why The Boeing 727 Fell Out Of Favor
In January 2019, on a domestic route in Iran operated by Iran Aseman Airlines, the Boeing 727 made its last commercial flight. (עוד)
Texas helicopter crash kills 3 parks and wildlife employees
Three Texas Parks and Wildlife employees died in a helicopter crash Saturday while surveying the landscape for desert bighorn sheep, according to state officials. The victim (עוד)
Paris To Become The Latest A380 Hub Thanks To China Southern
Paris is set to become one of just four airports with two active Airbus A380 operators as China Southern looks to upgrade its route. The Chinese Airbus A380 operator will fly t (עוד)

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