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Cessna SkyCourier receives FAA type certification

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Cessna announced Monday that the 408 SkyCourier twin-engine turboprop had received type certification by the FAA. The first prototype rolled of the factory floor almost 2 years ago, since then 2 more have been built… ( עוד...

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Chris B 10
One of those aircraft that will "fly under the radar" for most people, but be an incredibly useful tool for Couriers, small regional remote area airlines, and Military. Its going to be around for decades,
William Robertson 2
I wonder why this came so quickly compared to the Denali? The complexity maybe...
Peter Fuller 4
Sky Courier uses the long-produced Pratt & Whitney PT6A engines, while Denali is first application of the new GE Catalyst engine: apparently test and certification of the Catalyst added time to Denali development. Also, Sky Courier, being unpressurized and with fixed gear, is a less complex airframe than Denali.
David Beattie 1
Denali had to wait for the newly developed GE engine I believe.
Juan Jimenez 2
And it's not a Caravan on steroid. This airplane will be a major success.

Joe Daskalakis 2
David Beattie 2
I love this plane. Long list replacement for the Twin Otter but bigger and faster.
srobak 1

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