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Ryanair Calls For Banning Morning Alcohol Sales At Airports

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Ryanair has called for a pre-10 am alcohol ban after a group of holidaymakers forced one of their flights to divert into Paris-Beauvais while en route from Dublin to Ibiza over the weekend. Up to 20 travelers were involved in the disturbance and resulted in three passengers being removed from the flight and detained by French police. “This flight from Dublin to Ibiza diverted to Paris Beauvais after three passengers became disruptive inflight,” explained Ryanair’s Robin Kiely. “The aircraft… ( עוד...

Emirates' boss Tim Clark wants airliners without cabin windows

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Dubai - Emirates is seriously thinking of operating airliners without cabin windows. Planes without portholes are coming soon, said President Tim Clark in an interview with the BBC. ( עוד...

Cracking checks ordered on winglet-equipped 767s

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US regulators are ordering operators of winglet-equipped Boeing 767-300s to conduct checks on the wing structure following occurrences of fatigue cracking. ( עוד...

Airbus Mulls A321XLR Ahead Of Boeing’s 797 Launch

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Sources from Reuters are reporting that Airbus is looking at further bumping up the range of its A321 program as the latest effort in trying to pre-empt a potential new mid-market jet (NMA) being studied vigorously by Boeing. This new version, dubbed the A321XLR (Xtra-Long Range), will involve even more of an additional revamp to the A321LR (Long-Range) aircraft, which recently claimed a long-distance record for the testing of single-aisle jets. ( עוד...

airBaltic welcomes latest Bombardier CS300 to fleet

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airBaltic welcomed its ninth Bombardier CS300 jet, registered as YL-CSI, to Riga. By the end of 2018, the Latvian airline plans to have a total of 14 CS300 aircraft on its fleet. ( עוד...

Boeing évalue les dégâts d'une guerre commerciale entre les É.-U. et la Chine.

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L'avionneur Boeing, cible privilégiée d'une guerre commerciale, est en train d'évaluer les dégâts possibles après l'escalade entre les États-Unis et la Chine, qui ont annoncé, l'un après l'autre, de nouveaux droits douaniers sur leurs importations réciproques. ( עוד...

The first Boeing 777 goes to museum

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Hong Kong - The first Boeing "Triple Seven" WA001 goes to the museum after 24 years of service. The aircraft built in 1994 belonged to the passenger fleet of Cathay Pacific since 2000. ( עוד...

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