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קריאות וכותרות ראשיות ✈ כללי ✈ פופולריים (לאחרונה)

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VIDEO: Runway Incursion: Near-Disaster at Springfield Branson National Airport

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On Wednesday June 27, 2018, about 12:51 central daylight time, a runway incursion occurred at Springfield-Branson National Airport, Springfield, Missouri when an airport operations vehicle ("VAN 7") crossed runway 14 while an Embraer 145, operated by Envoy Air as flight ENY 3660, was on its takeoff roll with 57 passengers aboard. This video reveals the circumstances surrounding the incursion, and the audio (courtesy of appears to unambiguously pin this incident squarely on… ( עוד...

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How FlightAware Turned into SharkAware Last Month

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When Southwest Airlines’ Brand Partnerships & Entertainment PR Team reached out to FlightAware about their plans to launch five aircraft with special shark insignia, we knew there was the potential to do something really fun and creative. The sky was the limit both literally and figuratively... ( עוד...

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