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Delta Airlines 767 Diverts to Miami When Captain Falls Ill

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A Delta Airlines jet heading to JFK diverted to Miami (MIA) for an emergency landing yesterday morning after the Captain became ill. ( עוד...

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Ben Lillie 1
I think this might be the chartered flight
pdixonj 1
Replacement crew had to be flown to Miami from Atlanta, via general aviation charter flight.
kyle dunst 3
They wouldn't charter a GA flight to get crew to Miami. Theres a ton of flights from ATL to MIA
pdixonj 3
It was an emergency diversion that occurred to late to get another pilot crew there by means of a DL flight or any other scheduled airline flight. So DL chartered a GA flight for the two pilots. As they were only replacing the pilot crew, time was of the essence in getting the replacement pilots there before the flight attendants themselves went over their duty limit, which would have caused the flight to be cancelled in Miami.
About 10 years ago I flew a Virgin 747 FE from EWR to MCO. Virgin chartered a Lear after he deadheaded from London on the company. The FE in MCO got sick so everyone was delayed until the replacement got his rest.
Very chipper bloke, but he was puzzled as to why I was on a 5 mile final doing 200 kts.
It was 2 am and I just couldn't explain Part 135 and "rest..."
tim mitchell 1
Trust and believe that you added yourself to his "never fly with again"
I hope so, those 2 am flights wear me out
mobilken 1
We do. This is the preferred method as it does not take away revenue seats
kyle dunst 2
Never heard of them doing that before. Seems expensive. Learn something new every day
Liese Jungebloedt 0
Reading this article I landed in and was surprised to find a sizable amount of incidents on Delta flights. Sick crew or passengers cannot be predicted but some issues about smoke in cockpit, blowing tires, etc. do not sound very comforting nor confidence inspiring.
mike SUT 0
No more so than any other's the way the internet works...look up UAL or CAL oe's like typing in a google search or youtube...they just bring up the most similar topics to the subject (or airline in this case)
A.J. Orsino -2
Its like just landed - 1030z
A.J. Orsino 2

chalet -3
What is the big dealing justifying this blog, all flights to last over 8 hours have double crew
How do we justify you???
chalet 0
who are you to question anybody (LOL!!!)
I'm the man!!!
chalet 1
Are you serious (LOL!!!) I woonder if you are more than a few years old. Nice try though LOL)

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