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757-200 Evening Takeoff in Las Vegas (Video)

Nice Takeoff Video of 757-200 in Las Vegas, NV during a hot day ( More...

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1mooneymite 12
The B-757 was a fine airplane. I wish everyone had a chance to fly it.
Dale Johnson 3
It's a beautiful aircraft and nice ride. We flew to D.C. once and the bird was empty except for just a few. We had our choice of seats. A great flying AC too.
patrick baker 7
without the landing gear retraction shadow, just another magnificant takeoff of a noble 757. Usually on flights i take in this sweet airplane, the climbout angle is noticable, the ground swiftly receeds, and too soon the landing happens. My hope is the 757 does not disappear as quickly as did its bigger brother, the 747.
Peter Fuller 3
Destination IAH, so probably not loaded to max takeoff weight, hence a classic sprightly 757 takeoff. On a more than 14,000 foot runway, not a hold-your-breath takeoff, even on a hot day.
dee9bee 2
You're right...I counted the thousand foot markers. They used a little less than 6000 feet.
Joel Payne 4
Still my favorite to fly, of my dozen years as Capt. on the 76/75 family. Having been retired now for over 22 years, the 757 still holds a SPECIAL place in my heart.
Brian James 3
Incredible airplane with engines that would make any nervous flyer feel secure. Boeing should have never abandoned it.
Paul Hurford 2
Brian: I couldn't agree more. On many occasions I flew on an AA 757 from SNA to SJC. It seemed to be a ferry flight. With a takeoff from SNA, due to noise abatement, the 757 climbed fast and high leveling out to quietly skim over Irvine, and Newport Beach and Balboa, turning North at Catalina Isl. The take-off was very dramatic and for some passengers a cause of concern. Some Captains notified the cabin about the take-off, others didn't. I loved it, and the airplane too. My take is that the 757 should have taken the place of the 737 and evolved. I will sorely miss that amazing aircraft.
James Simms 1
Excellent video. Love me some 757’s
But if you live 8,000 miles away in Australia, it's totally different geography around LAS and it's very interesting!
Jesse Carroll 1
Those engines will always put me to sleep!
James Simms 1
Excellent video. Love me some 757’s See them all the time in the Fall @ TCL for football charters
Rick Freeman 1
Must've been in the evening that the sun stays up high.
tam nelson 1
Was that smog?
Mike Boote 1
The video author claims the temps were "north of 120°". The all-time record high in Las Vegas is 117°. It's been recorded twice.
John Taylor 1
It's right in the title of the video;[4K] Boeing 757-200 Takeoff in Record Breaking Las Vegas Heat (110F / 43C)"
And the description box; "Enjoy this wonderful takeoff during golden hour on a very hot day in Las Vegas area -- which hit an all time high temperature only a few days before this vid - during a heat wave in the area .. The day I filmed was only slightly cooler :) Watch the shadow of the gear retraction on the engine cowling at 1:03. Please subscribe or leave a comment -- it encourages me to make more of these vids!"
He doesn't claim "north of 120" anywhere.
Mike Boote 4
Someone edited it. Yesterday it said temps were "north of 120°". Not making that up. I responded because I live in Las Vegas and knew that to not be the case. Had I seen 110° I wouldn't have responded as 110° is hardly unusual heat here.
websanity -4
Clickbait? Looks like any other takeoff to me.
Steve Lehuta -8

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bdarnell 8
Which one ? Yours ?
Jeff Steiner 5
Phillip Copley: "Hold my beer..."


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