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JetBlue considers whether to leave NYC and move to Florida

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JetBlue Airways is considering whether to stay in New York, where it was founded two decades ago, or move its headquarters to Florida. A spokeswoman for the airline said Thursday that a decision is expected later this year. She said more than 1,300 employees work at the headquarters in Long Island City, across the East River from Manhattan. ( עוד...

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Zachary Colescott 5
Cracks me up that Chuck Schumer is scrambling to tell JetBlue why they shouldn't leave NY...
ADXbear 4
Welcome here.. ya already have your training center here at MCO.. let's go, save money, lower taxes, cheaper fuel, whats not to like? Heck, half of New Yorkers are here now anyway.,
dee9bee 2
Deja Vu...I'm just old enough to remember when AA left New York for Texas. American actually left, Jet Blue may just be 'posturing' again. Fun to watch, at any rate.

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