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Lufthansa and German government agree bailout — reports

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The German government and national carrier Lufthansa on Monday reached a much-anticipated agreement on a state bailout of the airline in order to help it cope with losses suffered during the coronavirus pandemic, according to sources quoted by news agencies in Germany. The deal must now be approved by Lufthansa's advisory board as well as various governing bodies including the European Commission. ( עוד...

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DGR Rathborne 1
I have read the article with an eye of how the Canadian Gov't might respond to a potential request , for a cash infusion of 1 Billion $ CDN , to keep the lights on at Air Canada . While Air Canada has mentioned this figure , the airline has made no formal or public request . But did publically admit that they are loosing so much , that it could threaten the very survival of the airline . It is sad but very true that All Carriers around the world are in similar situations . And bankrupcies or foldings of the companies is Real . So i watch to see what happens .....Those are my thoughts .............DGR

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