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Flight Test 787-8 ZA004 draws self portrait.

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I rarely get to share what I do with the public, but in this case I'm proud to show off. The pattern is my design and it took some fine tuning to make it fit our test requirements. ( עוד...

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pilotjag 6
Wow that is so cool! I wonder if the 737 MAX will do this as well
Ken McIntyre 7
It would be a much smaller trace!
pilotjag 3
Shadowstarz 2
They did do one with a MAX few months back. February of this year.
Shadowstarz 2
Doug Raymond 6
Couldn't help but notice that the orientation of the plane in respect to the Boeing factories - or is that the only way the wings would fit inside the CONUS? Nice flying @arerecich.
arerecich 14
Yes, and yes. I wanted it pointing at Seattle (its home) and big enough to be 18 hours; Michigan-Texas was the widest spot. Just so happens the tip of the tail is right over the Boeing Huntsville site.
Burke Files 2
Thank you for sharing.
Clement Chiang 3
Beautifully done arerecich !
Doug Raymond 1
Specific to the 787, I had North Charleston SC in mind. It looked to me like you intended to point between the two sites that make the 787, Everett and North Charleston. This must have been one of the best test flights - sure beats flying ovals!
arerecich 4
Ivan Levy-Hara 0
I commented above a couple of minutes ago, hopefully you can get to my comment because I am extremely interested in your experience
Dubslow 7
That's actually super cool
Dubslow 3
Also what's the purpose of this testing? Some super duper ETOPS or something?
arerecich 4
ETOPS max endurance.
Robert Cheeseman 6
18 hrs is definitely beyond my max endurance to be in an aircraft.
sparkie624 2
It just landed about 30 minutes ago... Guess too much didn't go wrong... I think it is safe to say the A/P and FMS worked perfectly or the crew did one hell of a job hand flying...
bettiem 7
Oh Heaven! - to be handed a real live grownup 787 and told "Go play!" - - and presumably being paid to do so. OMG.
arerecich 5
It's what we do...
joel wiley 1
Don't quit your day job.
Bob Harrington 1
Were you behind this flight back in April, I'm guessing to test the barf bags? =}
sparkie624 6
That is the Best.... Only Boeing would think of doing something like that... I bet it took a while to update that FMS, and would have loved to heard the read back of the Flight Plan!
David Barnes 7
Cessna did one a while back:
Robert Cheeseman 7
And typical Cessna style...keep it simple.
bigkahuna400 3
I am wondering why all the long flights around the carribean? Multiple times a day? Pilots get tired of flying around Seattle i guess. Prob needed to make sure Navi could find all the good spots!
Ken McIntyre 3
I was wondering that myself. 787's need long proving runs before delivery. Perhaps Willemsted has a favorable situation for Boeing. Landing fees, ATC, Low traffic, etc.
Dee Lowry 2
All I can " Brilliant"! IMHO, only Boeing could make that happen! Amazing! Way to go Flight Crew! Precision at its best!
Robert Hirst 2
Just cool.
SmokedChops 2
Brilliant! Please tell me you routed this covertly so the final pattern was a surprise to the Ex.O. Very well done - perhaps a Salvador Dali line study next?
Andrea Gentilini 2
This is really awesome !!
I'm amazed at the talent of American people in doing things so nice and inspiring. This is what makes your nation so great !!
All my respect and congratulations to the people that planned this flight and the pilots that made it possible.
ToddBaldwin3 2
Thanks. I needed a good laugh this morning.
Kenneth Williams 2
And only an aviation site like this would be able to display the flight path. Pretty nifty, though.
Dave Haughey 2
That made my day, yesterday, and I was lucky enough to track the last few minutes of the flight. Thank you!
Michael Armstrong 1
Cool. Wondering about "Actual: 9,896 mi (Planned: 15,813 mi)"...
William Jones 1
That is really nice! Thanks.
Sidney Smith 1
So clever! Well done!
rafael63 1
Must be nice flying at 43,000 feet
peruzzi 1
This is AWESOME!
Robert Maillardet 1

I am so jealous that not only do you get to fly this thing but you get to be creative with it at the same time!

I wonder if someone can calculate the number of flights (could be the same plane more than once) that actually flew anywhere under or over that outline (not counting the outline approach and departure tracks) at some time during the period when it was actually being 'drawn'. Might be a good way to illustrate the intensity of air traffic now in the US!

BTW I am a non-pilot but avid reader of FlightAware and really enjoy the site...
Brent Bahler 1
With a reported range of 8,200 nautical miles, was this 9,896 mile flight refueled or did it barely complete its mission on fumes?
Duane Mader 1
Amazing no ATC or weather diversions. How did they pull that off? Great job!
pjnetnz 1
Awesome, that’s a lot of waypoints.
sparkie624 2
I would not have wanted to be the one to file that Flight Plan... A lot of that is GPS coordinates, not way points...
jim garrity 1
96flstc 1
do I hear new app ? Think of what we will see. Maybe an Insitu drone can draw a Dennis Muilenberg portrait over Kansas.
Lowell Roberts 1
slim manai 1
Paul Braren 1
Fun responses out there!
boeing 787-10 path
Paul Braren 1
Dee Lowry 1
This isn't the first time the Boeing engineers have done this creative move.They outlined the 787-8. The test team got creative flying a route that outlined the 787-8 over 22 states. And her nose was pointing home to Seattle.
The test team has done this before with the 737- MAX. They took her 8 hour test flight and spelled out "MAX" across Washinton and Montana!
James Carlson 1
Welp. Now I know what I need to do for my ADS-B test flight.
d. thomas 1
That trace on Flightaware is one of the coolest things I have ever seen! Who ever came up with that flight is a genius. Well done Boeing and crew, WELL DONE! I wonder how long it took to load that into the FMC? lol..
JSilva35 1
Excellent idea and taxpayer savings.
Jason Findlay 1
This just makes me smile.
Patricia DeMasso-Anderson 1
The questions burning on my mind: was any luggage lost and did they run out of ginger ale?
Burke Files 1
I know this is a bit katty - but Airbus can't do that, unless, of course a poly-national committee authorized the event after it was sent to the EU competition counsel and judged productive and non-threatening, however the flight path would have to be so designed such that it covered all EU countries in proportion to their contribution with none in the tail section, unless of course, it was over London as a backhand comment on BreExit, otherwise that might be viewed as derogatory but also possibly oriented to look toward Brussels but not be threatening to Russia la la la la
Ruger9X19 1
Looks pretty good. Except the turn on the Tennessee border that messes up the tail cone.
buzburbank 5
You serious, Clark?
joel wiley 1
And a challenge to get the wingtips just right.
Ivan Levy-Hara 1
@arerecich this is extremely impressive! Can we get a more detailed blog about the day's event?? How was the experience? How many people were on the plane? How were ATC communications? As a pilot, this is extremely interesting to me, I would love to chat about this if you have some time.
Matha Goram 1
Any challenges in getting ATC to cooperate?
alan75035 0
Response from Airbus:
Matha Goram -1
Typical Airbus response?
Loral Thomas 0
Wonder how many times the bus pilots asked "What's it doing now?"
leo bramel 0
Who cares about ETOPS that's super super cool. Boeing is wonderful
Soufiane AIT OUARAB 0
hanks. I needed a good laugh this morning.
Very COOL! Thanks for sharing.
Jakub Bialek -5
What a waste of perfectly good fuel...
joel wiley 3
Speaking of wastes....
Jakub Bialek -2
wasted resources
joel wiley 4
To my understanding, the flight was a scheduled test to demonstrate the aircraft capabilities. That the flight path was selected as a work of art does not make the effort a 'waste'. My earlier comment was in regard to what I saw as a waste of perfectly good electrons in your first post.
G' day

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