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WTO slams EU, Airbus (Again)

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Sept. 22, 2016: The World Trade Organization (WTO) today found that the European Union not only did not cure its previous finding that Airbus received illegal financing aid in launching the A300 through A380, it further violated rules by obtaining launch aid for the A350 XWB. ( עוד...

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Tim Marks 1
Smells a lot like the Clinton Foundation...
linbb 1
And so it finally came to life, Airbus has not been playing fair ya think? That's the only way they can sell more than Boeing is by making those who have a vested intrest buy them.
chalet 0
This matter should also be looked upon from the perspective that Airbus became a viable manufacturer of very good airliners and a good competitor that kept BOEING HONEST. If the European maker had not existed you can bet that Seattle/Chicago would have taken all of their clients inside the US and all over the world TO THE CLEANERS by charging whatever they wanted, without recourse.
Cal Keegan 3
Yeah but if Airbus hadn't received $22 billion in subsidies, McDonnell Douglas and others would probably still be making airplanes and they'd be the ones keeping Boeing honest.
chalet 1
Not too sure, unfortunately Donald Douglas' son was more interested in seeing certain Hollywood starlettes rather than following his dad´s steps. It did not help either that Douglas had lousy managers so the writing was on the wall. Lockheed´s foray into the civilian airliner business also ws their swan song.
chalet 1
Ditto Lockheed.

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