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(Video) Lufthansa 747 Cockpit

Checklists and cockpit procedures on a Lufthansa 747 flight from EDDF to KLAX ( More...

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paul downes 6
Thanks very much, that was a superb video.
Er.A.K. Mittal 3
This VDO is so good that I, a non-aviator, have saved it to understand some of the comments you aviators make ! Even if it is partly understood.
Wonderful VDO.
Tim Duggan 2
Dear Mr. Mittal, here's a good example to help explain what we discussed in other comment sections.

Freeze-frame @ 13:44, that's their up-linked and printed Oceanic Clearance. 'NAT C' means North Atlantic Track Route 'C'..the NATs are usually different every day, they are planned by ATC to manage the forecast wind conditions. The NATs are predominately Eastbound in the evenings, Westbound in the mornings. Then @ 14;25 you can see the N.A. Planning Chart, how they mark the route, and verify accuracy of position during the crossing.

(Most of us a straight-edge, he "hand-drawed" it!! LOL).
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
ThanX for elaboration, Tim Duggan. Yes I have noticed and understood some.
Have been busy since last 2/3 months(Asiana accident) to exploit info on google and Youtube to understand ALL facets of aviation. Yes, it's a TALL order and impossible for me. BUT neither is it my target to learn like a pilot !
I am trying to learn about as much as a prosecuting lawyer should or would do in Asiana accident case ! Or in cases of air accidents, minor or major.
Sooner or later that(Asiana hearing) is bound to begin and proceedings will pour in here on FA from some source or the other.
As far as India is concerned, NO interest here for making details of inquiries of air accidents public ! People are not interested. Hence neither is the press. And that makes our Govmnt. more than happy .
Hamster Vonk 2
Great stuff. Did I miss part two? Couldn't seem to find it.
Thank you so much for the video. Very informative, provided many details on pre flight checks and route information previously not understood by me as a big bird passenger. Can we have more videos please?
nigel drew 1
Great video ! Bit concerned that the pilot in charge does not seem to be belted in ! As a passenger, should I be worried ?
ning5491 1
Once the "Fasten Seat Belt" signs have been switched off it's OK for the crew to unfasten the shoulder straps. If you look carefully you will see that the lap straps are still fastened.
Tim Duggan 0
Hello "nigel drew".

I can assure you that I, too, commented on this. Please read "comments" below.

MY "normal" procedure was to strap in the lap and crotch belts, into the 5-point buckle at the crotch. 'WHEN' we got close to the point of departure, and we ALL knew that a Take-Off was close, THEN we pulled down the Shoulder Harness straps to snap into the 5-point buckle.

In this video? My guess is, for the purposes of the video, AND the relatively short taxi from ramp to departure Runway end-point? Well, a bit of "staging" was involved.

Just my .02$

Er.A.K. Mittal 1
You seem right on dot, my friend Tim Duggan, 'filming' is NOT a normal activity in the cockpit. And NOT at a long lasting one at that.
Moreover, these days for security reasons, any one other than crew on duty is prohibited from entry. And that is why CCTV and continuous CVR are being contemplated for deployment in cockpit by various 'local' aviation authorities.
Open to correction, always.
Tim Duggan 1
Dear Monsieur Mittal,

Indeed, the video shows that many cameras were placed inside (and outside) the cockpit, the final result edited to present the video shown.

In particular, cameras were clearly mounted on the center glareshield, much as one would place a camera on the 'dashboard' of one's car, for example. But, rest assured, such items DO NOT inhibit normal pilots' views.

This sort of video production was made under the auspices and agreements of many professionals involved.
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
ThanX my friend Tim Duggan.
I am an amateur photographer of sorts in my own humble way, still as well as video. So how things photographic happen is not so alien to me which may be needing so much elaboration.
My IQ is better than what most of my dear friends on THIS portal will like to associate me with.
ThanX again.
Awesome video. Thank you for sharing.
suz 1
Awesome! A lot of experience in that cockpit.
Excellent, I never get tired of this type of video. Almost the same as in my Piper Turbo-Arrow ;) ;)
Great video
Erg interessant voor degene die zoals ik geïnteresseerd zijn in techniek
James Whiting 1
Very enjoyable video. Thank you.
Aidan crosbie 1
i loved it
Sky Moore 1
Awesome vid....thanks for sharing
A fascinating view of the day to day operations of an airliner. The crew seem very relaxed and inspire confidence in the passengers.
Ryan OMalley 1
I would love to see more of these
Lisa Phillips 1
Great video. I am a nervous flyer. This video lessens my fear of flying. Thank you
Very interesting for whom,like me interested in technics and aviation.
Horacio Leiva 1
It was very interesting video to me and please always include videos.
egarnier 1
superbe,passionnant et instructif,très belle vidéo.
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
Dear Friends of FightAware,
Today, in India we are celebrating DIWALI, the festival of lights. A day to rejoice.
Primarily a Hindu festival but celebrated by all .
A day when we Hindus invoke Laxmi the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity to pray and seek Her blessings for all year round happiness for self and all.
Like Christmas the houses are decorated with lights , inside as well as outside.
May be some of you get to see some of it in various parts of the world where ever persons of Indian/Hindu origin live.
So, HAPPY DIWALI to you and your family members.
f1jek 1
Nice !
nigel drew 1
Thankyou, Niels/Tim for the response about straps. As a pax I have usually kept mine on throughout a trip as I had a nasty clear-air turbulence incident on my very first flight ! Wouldn't want the driver to be pitched out of his seat at any point for any reason !
gez 1
nice...very nice
james mckenna 1
Very cool. Thank you for posting
nicholas weber 1
I like the bit about 17 minutes in where the subtitles say he took eight hours to get from Frankfurt to Frankfurt!!
nicholas weber 1
I like the bit about 17 minutes in where the subtitles say he took eight hours to get from Frankfurt to Frankfurt.
Ed Schijf 1
Thank you for the wonderful video!
Roland Dent -8
What most people don't know is the FMS is customised for Lufthansa. There is no was the FMS could be remote commanded. Many of believe the 9/11 event was cause by remote commanded and locked FMS.
Tim Duggan 1
Not sure what you mean, there, Roland about the FMS 'customization'. If you mean the Database, i.e., how many airports, intersections, waypoints airways, etc are loaded into memory, then yes that Database could vary from airline to airline.

But, in any case, it is a fact that the FMS, AutoPilots, etc cannot be "controlled" remotely from the ground. I see that same claim often.

I was amused at their wearing the shoulder harnesses even before push-back, dunno if that's their Company Policy, or personal preferences? "Go" instead of 'V1'? Airline SOP difference. Also, usually it is "Positive Rate, Gear Up", although I can see how that may seem obsolete nowadays....
nicholas weber 1
Let's say that with the safer airlines:Lufthansa, BA, Alitalia, Qantas etc it is the normal policy to be fullt strapped in at the very latest when the a/c starts moving under its own power.
Brian Lager 2
FAR 25-777 requires that seat belts be fastened at all times. It doesn't specify that the shoulder harness be fastened except during landing t/o and turbulence. The Canadian regs are similar. CAR 2012-1 605-24/27 specify both lap and shoulder harnesses be fastened at all times. There are exceptions to both. The Canadian one mentions that one crew member must have his or her full harness fastened at all times during flight.
Teo Jasterberg 0
"Long time no see" the cockpit videos, but now this was an amazing for an average enthusiast. Stereo voice, maps, new tablet solutions and the presence of the pilots, yes superb.
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
Dear friend Toe Jasterberg, if you desire following is a Youtube channel link to Mr. Guido Warnecke one of the major contributors at this portal. He has uploaded over 150 VDOs , all worth watching and downloading if you wish.

You too can try .
Enjoy them .


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