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FlightAware is hiring for ten different positions!

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FlightAware is eight years old and profitable, but operates with the agility and pace of a start-up. We're looking for amazing new members of our team in Houston and New York. Currently interviewing for ten different positions, please take a look and pass it on. ( עוד...

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Roland Dent 2
Great company...if I was not over the Atlantic I would go after a general handyman/cleaner/security job.
Dennis Strege 2
I'm looking for the right contact at FlightAware to discuss proprietary smartphone app that fits hand-in-glove with your business. 865.310.5201 Dennis Strege
Peter Healey 2
What a great opportunity for those energetic and interested applicants wishing to be involved in the developement of a relatively young and successful enterprise.I wish you well.
John Blackburn 2
Superb company. I am relatively new to this site and find it tremendously interesting. I would give anything to be able to do any of the positions available, but alas qualifications I have none, except my partner/best friend is cabin crew! She has taught me well and I would be good in the kitchen! If you at FlightAware need anyone in South England to write a recipe column etc I'm your man. Keep up the good work FlightAware and here's to the next eight years.
paul hurst 2
Love this site I fly for emirates and enjoy the postings that are put up its nice too know that we all care about aviaton in a global way
Richard Dugger 2
They just tracked my flight a couple days ago.
Flight following , no flight plan.
Jason Feldman 1
Open an office in Chicago and we can talk:) Better yet, allow telecommuting and It could be a fit someday. :)
AWAAlum 1
If only I were younger and in Texas - I'd talk FA into hiring me. Love the whole idea of your business. Keep up the good work. You not only provide great information, but great entertainment as well. Many thanks.
philcoyne 1
Flightaware has been great for me. I have flown hundreds of flights and rarely is there an error in their data. Thanks for the great job you guys do. Regards, Phil
Kelly Jernigan 1
If you fly VFR with out a flight plan or using flight following, they can't track your plane. But IFR, flight following , your being tracked. As for the difference in direct to distance shown, was it a commercial flight or private?
aldawn 1
I only fly VFR but almost always fly flight following and cross country. They track me about 70% of the time but not sure how that happens.
Elaine Pate 1
No, they tracked my VFR flight (with flight following) from Seattle to Camarillo and sent a push notification to my husband's iPhone when wheels down in Camarillo.
DMScott 1
I've sent my resume already!
crk112 1
lol wow this is the first large company I've found that is looking for IT guys for an APPLE network
drew gillett 0
they sure could use some help in technical customer support
the completeness and accuracy of flight info has gone way downhill
no one can explain why miles flown are 17% greater than direct when the track shows it couldnt be more than 5%

they no longer track vfr flight following, regularly screw up ifr flights and now have errors on commercial flights.
Dennis Harper 2
I'm not so sure it's Flightaware screwing up. They rely on data from the FAA and other sources. They don't check each flight individually for accuracy. Flightaware is here to turn blocks of data into something presentable to a general audience of internet users. They also provide aviation news and again they don't write it.

Maybe at some point FA can add code to flag data that makes no sense, things like a 737 zig-zag flight track doing 800 knots.
Richard Dugger 1
They just tracked my VFR flight a couple days ago. No flight plan just flight following.
Elizabeth Robillard 0
Should your future needs be attainable using a virtual Administrative Assistant/Paralegal, I would love the opportunity.
Tom Bruce 0

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