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Why is Russia's new supersonic biz-jet concept painted camouflage?

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Russia's Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) -- think NASA's Langley Research Centre -- is working on a new supersonic business jet. We'd really just like to know why TsAGI decided to paint the concept aircraft in drab olive green, the colour of World War II-era camouflage. Maybe the "green" marketing meme has made its way into Russian design offices. Of course, associating the environmental green with anything that flies supersonic is a bit of a stretch.… ( עוד...

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KW10001 12
How to develop a Tupolev airplane.
1) Take pictures of American airplane
2) Trace in pencil
3) Change slightly
4) Build
Tony Welch 3
Chris Donawho 1
They used to be original.... until the Tu-204, which looks like a stolen 757 to me.
Jeremy Kudlick 1
Don't forget about their version of the Space Shuttle. It was a completely original idea!

And if you believe that, I have beachfront property in Arizona I'll sell you for cheap!
Wingscrubber 1
The Buran was slightly more advanced in some aspects - it was able to land pilotless. Shuttle cannot do that - give the ruskies some credit, they are copycats, but some of their stuff is quite clever, they just typically don't have the same financial resources to compete with the scale of the US aerospace industry, although that's changing now - how are you going to hitch a ride to the ISS these days?
Roger McHugh 8
Whenever they rear their head into our airspace, Sarah Palin can keep an eye on them.
alistairm 0
lol:) Yeah, the "i can see Russia from here!" quote, hahahahahaha
Arthur Baumanns -4
Your BS has no business on this site. Grow up.
Chris Donawho 0
Aw come on... That was funny Arthur.
Kawaiipoint2 2
itd help if it had windows....
Toby Sharp 2
to mess with our heads
JJ Johnson 1
I wonder if it runs on Vodka?
richard weiss 2
no, it doesn't run on vodka, but it's got a shot glass holder in the cockpit
Steve Jasper 1
Let's make it more than it is! RED DAWN is coming back! Ah, the good ole days. Putin,bring down these planes! Just wanted to beat the administration's explaination.
Wingscrubber 1
Argh this is frustrating - trying to leave a comment on that page and cannot log in.

Replying to the Angus F comment : 'Well the G650 is not painted green in that picture. The green is a protective coating on the fuselage that will be washed off when the actual paint job is applied.'

Washed off? Hope not - that's the zinc chromate primer!
Ben Lillie 1
It looks more like a fighter than a bizjet, and it's really camo it's just darkish green.
Ben Lillie 1
Sorry, should have put not in front of "really."
Chris Donawho 1
Looks like a plain 3D Polygon that was not textured (color added to it), then just place over a picture of sky and ground. Either way, it's Russian, so it will never make it past someone's desktop wallpaper.
Scott Campbell 1
sparkie624 1
Does not look like a real picture. Looks more like a computer drawing or cad concept. Looking at the picture, it feels computer generated. Maybe constructed in a program called Light Wave.
Tom Roberts 1
perhaps a UAV rendering probably from the Russian skunkworks...
Walt Heideman 1
Really,this is your burning question of the day? How about the CAD operator wanted a color to stand out against the blue sky so he clicked green from the paint bucket. I doubt it is nothing more 'sinister' than this.
austin pennington 5
Walt, Please stop using logic and common sense immediately. That is clearly uncalled for on this forum.
Jeff Chiszar 1
Nothing sinister at all. That is considered a happy colour over there...
acmi 0
the Russians have never actualy made anything that flies as a 'civilian' aircraft. Everything has a military design or intended use...sometime, somewhere

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