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Bombardier Launches Iridium Certus Connectivity Service as Baseline Feature on Challenger 3500 Aircraft

Bombardier today announced that all Challenger 3500 aircraft will now be equipped with Iridium Certus connectivity as a baseline feature, providing clients with a highly reliable internet service. Collaborating with Collins Aerospace, Bombardier’s Preferred Service Provider for fleetwide connectivity services, this new offering will support the aircraft’s exquisite on-board experience and ensure heightened productivity. ( More...

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krispykreme 1
Max 700 kbps when the previous 4G installation could get up to 150 mbps (domestic U.S. only, but real world it’s more like 5 mbps)?

Also there’s a little service called Starlink whose speeds beat my home internet worldwide.

I’ve been scratching my head at some of Bombardier’s decisions for over 20 years now, so I guess I’m not incredibly surprised by this one.


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