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Hot-shot cargo flights bypass US-Canada border blockade to deliver auto parts

Small all-cargo carriers have mobilized to get shipments past the supply chain blockage at the U.S.-Canada border. ( More...

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bentwing60 5
Back we go to the late 80's, early 90's when the check hauling routes were goin' away and anybody with a Lear or old Falcon 20, we had both, was now haulin' car parts. Primarily for GM out of southern border US MX states, and some MX country airports as well. All going to northern tier US and Canadian auto production plants.

I think the supply chain was busted then too, especially for Goobermint Motors. Who cared, it payed $150. a trip for an FO and $250. for a Captain. Lots of fun at 450' in a Lear and not so much in a DA20 at 390' in the spring! And virtually all in the Dark. Cheers!
Eric Kulisch 4
Interesting. Thanks for that history lesson on how the industry has evolved.
Highflyer1950 2
Fuel was cheap, time was money and keeping a close eye on the needle around M.81 was fun. So was watching some of the yank & bank grandpa types squirm when they got close to M.78. We even made up a poor man’s r-nav…..pinch & fold the map dep to dest, measure dist from vor’s to the fold and ask for direct. Fun, wow.
bentwing60 2
Yep, Collins FD-108Y, AVQ-46 radar that was blind in a storm and ARNAV-40 lorans that got lost at the first sign of P-static, a strange version of FUN!

Climb at .80, cruise at .80 and descend at .80, easy to remember. Cheers
Highflyer1950 1
Highflyer1950 2
oops, that was supposed to be a “thumbs up”.
linbb 2
All they need is room for a 747 cargo or another style that would fit into the local airports. Big problem I have is they are screwing up other peoples lives and there rights. Seems there is no thought about others here at all.
jeff slack -2
No concern from the protesters for the majorities rights so not too sure how you think we should be concerned about the protestors blocking shop keepers from trading, banks from opening, kids from schools, patients doing Dr appointments.

Two sides here and the protestors are the minority.

Oh yeah, and it is 'their' rights NOT 'there' rights.
Pierre Letourneau 0
And a lot of protesters are American, probably the same who went to Washington in January 2021. Please mind your own business.
Mike Mohle -5
Except the arbitrary rules were made by the gumbit boobs that will not change or withdraw mandates with evolving information for (insert stupid requirement here), but in this case COVID "vaccines" that do not vaccinate anyone from anything. That is what they are protesting against. Funny how the beautiful people at the Super Bowl yesterday were all holding their breath for like 4 hours, while the minions in the stands were masked up in an outdoor stadium with a sun shade.
Martie Williams 9
Kindly do NOT insert your political assertions into comments about the content of these articles. Whether you are a conservative jerk or a liberal jerk (and if you are posting political comment here, you ARE a jerk), you are not going to change anyone's mind about anything.
Bill Ross 3
agree w/ Martie
Mark Paladino 2
Back in the 80's we did runs between Rochester, NY and Detroit several times a week in an Aztec. Work our normal day job then do the parts run overnight.
Leander Williams 1
There's an auto carrier on fire in the ocean, and they say it could be Lithium batteries. I wonder if it could have been sabotage. Since the cars aboard are luxury cars, someone stands to make a fortune on an insurance claim.


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