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Airbus completes assembly of the first A330-800

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Toulouse - The assembly of the first A330-800 is complete, and the A330-900's flight test campaign is on track, Airbus said. The European aircraft manufacturer made the update yesterday on February 1. Entered the final assembly line two months ago, the first A330-800 (MSN 1888) is structurally completed. ( עוד...

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Aaron Harris 2
Can wait to see these birds in the air! Such a beautiful bird!
Stephen Donnelly 2
It is a beautiful bird, but I think it is not easy to identify given that almost all new aircraft look the same with their two engines under the wings
pilotjag 2
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PICTURES: Airbus A330-800 Emerges From Painting

Airbus's first A330-800 has emerged from painting bearing the airframer's livery for the A330neo test fleet.
Jose Gabriel Sabag 2
Seria bueno poder conocer esta pagina en español...
Louis Warcraft 2
Tell me if I'm wrong, but isn't the A350 supposed to be the A330 replacement?
shrudini -2
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PICTURE: A330-800 closer to joining A330neo test fleet

Airbus's first A330-800 has entered the paint shop as it prepares to join the A330neo test fleet, currently comprising two A330-900s.

Structural assembly of the aircraft, MSN1888, has been completed although it has yet to have its Rolls-Royce Trent 7000 engines fitted.

Airbus says the twinjet is undergoing installation of its flight-test instrumentation ahead of its maiden flight later this year. Its flight-test programme is set to last around 300h.

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