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Cold War re-lived (MITO exercise)

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B-52G's and KC-135A's from the 416 BMW, at the former Griffiss AFB, NY. I might have lost track but I think I counted (9) B52s and (5) KC135s taking off at MITO (Minimum Interval Takeoff) in the early- to mid-80s. Words usually fail when I try to explain to my kids what the Cold War was about, but I think this exercise puts a pretty good visual to it! Quite a sight to see...! Be sure to read the comments for perspective from a whole bunch of 'old dogs'. ( עוד...

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bentwing60 1
Finally got around to watching this and after my 30 some odd years of filling up small jets at Butler nee Signature and every other kind of FBO, all I could visualize was filling up Saudi swimming pools with hundred dollar bills.

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