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Cockpit (Video) from the Thunderbirds' 2014 Season

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An amazing cockpit view of the Thunderbirds in flight. The Thunderbirds continued their 2014 season this weekend at MacDill AFB in Florida. There are 34 stops left on the tour, including EAA's Airventure in Oshkosh, WI. The 2014 season ends at the home of the Thunderbirds, Nellis AFB, NV, on November 9. ( עוד...

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Ryan Hodges 3
I kept ducking my head on that last shot. thats insane
Chris B 2
Pass the sick darn close then you realize they are upside down as well.....
Paul Claxon 1
Jim, there are some good videos of the Navy on this site !
john grizzle 1
ooohhh that was good stuff
Juan DeLaRosa 1
Do the Thunderbirds always fly that close?
Warwick Legg 1
Amazing bit of flying loved it.
firesafety552 1
firesafety552 1
awesome..these guys are good. thanks
Ian Stevenson 1
This was really good, just like my dream when I'm at the dentist! (figure it out)
Karel Thiels 1
Heel indrukwekkend.
Not to take anything away from these guys, but the British RAF team, The RedArrows, fly a far more precise and complex display, and what's more, they do it with NINE Hawk aircraft which doesn't have the power of the F16
making it more difficult to keep the tight formation and manoeuvre.
Chuck Masirovits 1
Indeed! But I've never seen them in the U.S. And, as much fun as it is to see the precision, the jets just aren't LOUD ENOUGH! :)
George Mathers 1
That's impressive - those guys must have 360 degree vision as well as incredible reflexes.
Eric Shepherd 1
Outstanding!!!! Thank you for your service to this great country!!!
Karel Thiels 1
Zeer interessante video, proficiat voor de makers......
Chuck Masirovits 1
Awesome! Makes me proud to be an American. If you really want to feel it, stream it to a LARGE TV and sit REALLY CLOSE and turn up the sound REALLY LOUD!! The only thing missing are the Gs! The first (shorter) video had audio that you could tell how much these guys work the throttle. I wish the second one had that. And where was this taken?? I gotta go find the same thing with the Blues!
Roger Brown 1
They only fly that close during the shows, but they can land three abreast.
Juan León 1
Nitido! Gracias por compartirlo.
mtpiper 1
I really like the video with just raw cockpit audio. Man, those guys really work the throttle!
fred karlinski 1
Stunning views ,the planes are a bit "jazzed up"with the paint job, look a bit like "motorised Kites" a small amount of exhaust gas not like a real jets exhaust.
fred karlinski 1
They look a bit like motorised "kites"with the paint job,very thin trail of exhaust gasses unlike other jet fighters.but good pictures!
josh homer 1
Wow! A couple scenes made pucker! Almost stuck to the chair!
Zane Johansen 2
Same for me. My heart is still beating fast.

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