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British Airways Launches Austin-London Route

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British Airways began new service on Monday between London Heathrow and Austin-Bergstrom International Airport in Texas. The route is the first regular transatlantic service to operate from the Texan city. ( עוד...

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rsmath 5
What is it about Austin that can support a non-stop flight to London? When you say Austin, I think of the Round Rock Express of my favorite sports league, the area that's home to Dell, the city that is the capital of Texas, a city that might be in the thick of oil patches, a city that is home to the UT Longhorns, a city known for its music festival and a city that is convenient to Dallas and Houston and other regional cities that an airline like BA likely has an easier time getting slots and paying lower gate fees than if they did a non-stop from dallas or houston.
Peter Crew 3
Austin also has the ONLY Formula 1 race in the U.S.,,,attracts a lot of Europeans and others..Smart marketing move BA,,,,
Russ Kirkpatrick 2
A once-a-year event isn't going to make a route like this profitable, though.
John Waldron 1
Austin is nowhere near the oil patches. It sits in the hill country of central Texas It has a large and growing tech and business presence, vibrant music entertainment scene and a state university with 50,000+ students. It is a cultural 180 degrees from the rest of the state with many young educated contemporary progressive locals and transplants that will love being able to make a direct connection to Europe.
ccthorp 2
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Boeing Dreamliner puts Austin on the map

A red-carpet welcome awaits British Airways Flight 191 when it lands in Austin on Monday night, giving the quirky-but-booming Texas capital its first-ever regular service to Europe. The flights to London — to be flown on Boeing's new-age 787 Dreamliner — will make Austin one of the smallest U.S. markets able to boast of trans-Atlantic airline service.
Wally Colbert 2
Way To Go Speed bird:)
rwb2112 2
That's fantastic.
Watch Dog 2
I had the honor and pleasure of watching this bird land today. Such a gorgeous sight :)
rwb2112 1
Lightning strike climbing out of London... @ 3:40
Derek Vaughn 0
I doubt they will always have the desirable pass numbers, but I'm sure is heavily subsidized.
John Lindsey 1
Subsidized? By who? BA is a publicly traded company, with no connection to the government.

Who subsidizes them? The city of Austin? The UK government does not subsidize privately owned airlines.

Somebody at BA thinks that this route can be a money maker, and the risk is on the
airline and its stock holders.
Robert Moore 0
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British Airways begins transatlantic service from Austin, Texas

British Airways launched its inaugural flight between Austin, Texas and London, England on Monday.

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