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First F-35B Vertical Takeoff Test

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The $6,200,000,000 redesign of the F-35B has borne fruit with the first vertical takeoff and landing of the F-35B. Projected unit cost of at least $112M a copy, but nice video, so I guess it's worth it. ( עוד...

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AWAAlum 2
I see that it goes up and down - but does it to forward??? (j/k)
Yvon Boudreault 1
When done, it can't fly far away: no more fuel!!!
Eric Bolt 1
my dad helped deisgn the lift fan at PWC
Dave Mathes 1
.............what a waste of money.............
Gregg Harcus 1
Gregg Harcus 1
Waste of money
Peter Cooper 1
Have I missed something ?.. Harriers have been doing VTO's for 20 years.
Thomas Cain 4
I think they meant the first ever for the F-35B! Before this they were only doing STOVL operations
Roland Dent 1
The press generally think that, apart from choppers, only things that do this stuff are UFO's. They worry a lot.
John Beaumont 0
wow..this has never ever in the history of the world been done before...not

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