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RAF P-40 Kittyhawk Found in the Sahara

A Polish oil exploration team discovers the wreckage from 1942 in the Western Desert of Egypt by chance; pilot apparently survived for a period, but is thought to have perished in an attempt to walk out. Some nice photos in the gallery, too. ( More...

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Pileits 1
NOT a nice place to die, poor guy.
mark tufts 1
what should happen is repair the plane and put it on display
Stephen W. 1
Old news. It was squwaked in May when it was found.
James Vance 1
Sorry -- tried to find evidence of a prior squawk yesterday when I discovered the story on the Telegraph's website & wasn't successful so that's why I posted it here.
Who is going to go 200 miles into the desert to take a souvenir?
Very interesting .. Probably will end up on the DISCOVERY or HISTORY Channel


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