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Burma Spitfire Update

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It seems greed may have reared its ugly head in the recovery process of these historic old birds... ( עוד...

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Peter Cooper 2
The RAAF also apparently buried Spits in sealed crates around some WW2 RAAF bases in Australia. There were reports from Australian airliner crews that they had seen unregistered Spitfires flying in outback Queensland in the early 60's. The reports were ignored, but rumours persised for years that a cache of Spitfires had been located, excavated & the aircraft had been assembled with ex-RAAF personnell. They haven't been seen for a long time & no-one is talking.
alistairm 1
If no one saw this coming, they are a fool!
...And the race is on .. No matter where they are in the world, England should have FIRST claim to them, Not a farmer who tried to play James Bond of his own doing .. If any one is being held "hostage" over it all, it's England
Why should England have first claim??? They abandoned them!!!
Possession seems to have first claim right now.
sparkie624 1
Will be nice to see it when they finally finish with it.
Toby Sharp 1
Thanks James, keep em coming when you get word please!
Roland Dent 1
My Physics teacher back in the 60s and early 70s was a squadron leader with these in Spits in Burma with RAF...Dai Rees he was called.
David Evans 1
Can Ronald Dent get in touch with me ? Want to learn more about Dai Rees.
Roland Dent 1
OK..what you want to know?...I cannot send you a personal message off this site.
David Evans 1
I probably will be involved in a tv programme about this - where did you meet Dai Rees? Any chance he could still be with us ?
Roland Dent 1
King James I Grammar School in Bishop Auckland in the UK..I would say he has passed on now. About 2001 we had several low passes by a Spitfire and a Hurricane and I would guess that would be for him. He smoked a lot. Has a daughter called Sally who will now be 57 years old. Never seen her since 72 when I left school at 18.
James Vance 1
Here's a later update that's a couple of weeks old now, but I don't think it's been posted on this board -- the comments are definitely running in the farmer's favor, so guess we'll all have to see just how much "money talks" as this drama plays out...

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