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Textron Flies Its Beechcraft Denali Turboprop Single For The First Time

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Textron Aviation’s single-engine turboprop, the Beechcraft Denali, made its first flight Tuesday (Nov. 23) from the company’s west campus at Eisenhower International Airport in Wichita, Kansas. ( עוד...

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Seb Seb 1
How will plane spotters be able to differentiate this from a PC12 in the air, or even on the ramp?
Chris B 1
I’m sure production workers who built the King Air are anxious to see this new aircraft receive approval as soon as possible.
Doug Dornbos 1
There are only three legitimate positions to enter the market with a product or service:
1. Better
2. Cheaper
3. Different
plus one illegitimate position:
4. Me too

There is nothing really wrong with "me too" but it typically does not breed loyalty.
jamesgmitchell 1
It’s the one made using additive manufacturing that reduces parts count, engine weight, and increases specific fuel efficiency. Whether that and other changes make it successful against a PC12 is a good question.
Sidney Smith 1
IS the Catalyst engine from GE the Walther turbo shaft design or some variant?
Peter Fuller 2
GE calls it an “ all-new clean sheet engine”

Wikipedia article describes design details and such
Dan Chiasson 1
Once again, American technology is way behind (in this case decades!) the global competition (ex: direct competitor Pilatus PC-12) and is left with scrapping for leftovers. Does the US economy have enough appetite for a PC-12 "clone"? Considering the largest base of PC-12s is North America, where the aircraft is very popular, I cannot see how the market is there for Textron. IMHO, too little, too late. What was the board thinking?
Paul Wisgerhof 0
The Denali cabin is two inches shorter, three inches wider, and the same height as the Pilatus PC-12NGX. Full fuel payload is identical. Range and speed are the same. Why didn't Beechcraft just buy a license from Pilatus to build the Denali in Kansas?
Jeff Phipps 4
That’s like saying why doesn’t GM license the right to build F150’s from Ford. They obviously think they can build a better plane and make money doing it.
Dan Chiasson 2
But Pilatus has set the gold standard, has a strong installed base and at this stage, the Denali will be a late "me to" solution. The other alternative is that Textron, with all its business lines, could have simply stopped the program and should have done so a decade ago. IMHO, poor myopic business decision.

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