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Frontier Airlines to relocate all domestic flights from Philadelphia to Trenton-Mercer Airport

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Will FFT be able to make it at TTN; others have not. Good luck to Frontier. Trenton-Mercer is a nice "little" airport. Main runway is just 6000'. ( עוד...

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I'm pretty sure they'll make it here, being a bigger airline than the ones who tried before, and failed.
They'll definitely get the business being in a prime commuting location and minimal to no ATC delays.
'Little airport," main runway is just 6000'??? Mark Air operated 73's out of a 5000' runway at DET.
Andy Tyler 1
not to mention the large number of flights out of SNA and that runway is what, no more than 5500 feet?
pilot0987 3
Good for them. I hope it works out for everyone
benin 2
this airport has potential, and since it can expand and grow, and is also near larger airports and big cities, it seems like a wise choice
WillitRun 1
I just booked a flight to RDU from TTN for April. I like the idea of them being there. I would normally fly out of PHL but a drive that may take me 15 minutes more but less aggravation at the airport is worth it!! Also free parking!!!
Brendan Kaczmarek 1
Wow, ABE just got hosed! I might be slightly locally (and employee) biased but ABE would have been a much better fit than TTN. We have plenty of room for expansion and a bigger airport... And it's an easy 70 minute drive from the city... And, and, and. A bit of unfortunate timing and some decisions from our local management have meant that we've missed this opportunity. Big, big shame, but best of luck to F9.
ABE is more than 70 mins. from NYC, if that's the city you're talking about, and 70 mins. form PHL on a really good day. TTN has mass transit close to it going to NYC and PHL.
Kevin Ford 1
Not often you see a major airline move into an airport without a control tower.
pilot0987 1
They do have a control tower.
That's why they moved to TTN...
Kevin Ford 1
Oops my bad...was thinking BLM.
josh homer 1
I filled out a Crew Scheduling app for Frontier a few days ago. If i got the job I'd be making a long distance move. Does anyone know how secure Frontier as a company is? I have worked for 2 airlines that went bankrupt and don't want that to happen again.
Scott Campbell -1
Yes there screwed, sorry.
Michael Sensor 0
It would have been nice to see ILG considered as an alternative. Delaware is the only state in the nation without commercial air service. ILG has 7000'+ runways (the DE Air National Guard shares the airport), rental car service, public transit, and is close to the Wilmington train station. The terminal isn't that big but can be expanded. There have been a lot of failed attempts to run commercial service out of ILG - Delta in the early 00's, ShuttleAmerica, United, etc., but they've all failed due to competition from PHL.
They have airline service there, twice weekly 757 to DC...

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