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Delta Chartered An Airbus A330 Jet Just to Get 1,000 Bags stranded in Europe back to customers in the US

Lost luggage is becoming a common headache among travelers this summer. Over the past few months, airlines have struggled to properly track and deliver passenger bags, with hundreds arriving days late, or not at all. While the chaos is frustrating, Delta Air Lines is making an effort to return misplaced luggage. On Monday, the airline chartered an Airbus A330 from London to Detroit to deliver 1,000 delayed bags to passengers, the airline confirmed to Insider. ( More...

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paul gilpin 27
ticket agent: where are we going today sir?
me: dallas.
ticket agent: checking three bags?
me: yes. i want this one to go to cleveland, this one to go to indianapolis, and this one to go to new orleans.
ticket agent: sir, if you are going to dallas we cannot send you bags to different locations.
me: you did it last time.
Ron Streetenberger 4
This one has been around since the days of black and white television. I remember Milton Berle saying this in the 50's.
Dale Smith 7
Less hassle for the airlines: Fly the bags, lose the passengers.
Brian Freeman 6
Maybe if the airlines had a premium service wherein you paid specifically for your luggage on a flight it would...oh wait...
avionik99 14
Terrible service to lose luggage to begin with. But the airlines have gotten away with poor service for so long that we all think its just a part of flying.
Andre Duijnmayer 5
It does look like poor service of the airline, however luggage is handled by 'airport' staff, not the airlines, and currently all major european airports struggle with a huge shortage in Security, grounds and luggage staff (see squawk about Amsterdam ,Schiphol), so it's no surprise that luggage regularly doesn't make it to the planes.
SkyAware123 2
Amsterdam is the biggest shitshow of all of them.
Tim Trosky 1
Airlines can should put more heat on the airport. In the same breath I realize there are staff shortages, but too bad.
jeff slack 0
Hence why I have stopped flying; 94 return trips (99% in business class) from Sydney to the USA since 1974, Platinum with Continental Airlines, Gold before that with PanAm ......... the rot set in when PanAm was finished by Delta and we have been on a slow steady decline (only sped up by 9/11) to the end of travel as we used to knew it.
George de la Torre -1
I've stopped flying too, mostly because of the awful service and plane accommodations, if you know I mean.

Remember, a long, long time ago, we used to dress up for airline travel. Now, if must airline travel, dressing down to minimums is a must. For example, light t-shirt, baggie shorts and flip flops are the way to go...
SkyAware123 -6
Grow up. People want to be comfortable. As long as they're not naked how does it affect you ? Want a better seat ? get business.
George de la Torre 2
Grow a brain, this is what I said...
SkyAware123 -2
If you haven't flown since 74 you can't possibly be on here commenting on how bad it currently is since you have no experience.
Flying has gotten a lot cheaper since 74. You need to look at it as transport, to get you from a to b. People are too damn picky these days. Want a better experience? Pay for business class. Get us safe from a to b in an acceptable seat. Cut all drinks and food on flights 3 hours or less. IT's bullshit to waste effort on that. Offer water when asked for. done.
lfilipov747 9
I think you misunderstood what Jeff said. 94 return trips Sydney to the USA since 1974. He didn't stop flying in 1974.
SkyAware123 6
False. The Scheduled plane was cancelled and had to fly back to the US empty anyways. So they filled it with suitcases. Cargo only.
Bruce Johnson 3
It's a good thing that I have no need to fly anywhere. I'm only here because, for some reason, I think huge man-made objects flying through the air is interesting.
Jean-Fr. Didisheim 2
Can anyone explain the exact meaning of "just" in the title? To me, it makes erratic handling of bags look trivial.
Rick Wald 2
The Jet Set Age:

Breakfast in New York , lunch in London, dinner in Paris.......luggage in Delhi, Singapore, and Melbourne!!

If it doesn't fit underneath your seat....send it FedEx!! It will be There BEFORE YOU ARE!!
MSU Sparty 3
You can’t charter a plane from your own airline. The flight was cancelled for crew and they decided to load it with bags. Click bait !!!!!
Stef Lar 3
Delta did in fact cancel the flight in this case, but why wouldn’t they be able to charter a plane from themselves? Delta has a charter flight business. As long as commercial ops transfer funds from their budget to charter ops (to keep the books straight), it seems perfectly plausible to say (in other times; this time yes they most definitely canceled a flight) Delta chartered a plane from Delta.
SkyAware123 2
charter from yourself. why ? No it wasn't 'chartered'. IT flew back anyways so they decided to utilize the cargo space. Why introduce more paperwork ?
Mark Kortum 2
If anyone is interested in some interesting lost luggage commentary Megan Kelly put out a YouTube video about her family trip to Italy on Air France this summer. All five bags lost. As of the video (three weeks after arriving home) four had been recovered and one still missing.
Joe Keifer 1
Ex-Fox's Megan Kelly? If that's the one, I'll pass.
SkyAware123 -2
Joe Keifer 1
BDS here.
Sandy Levandosky 1
My friends from Hamburg flew out of London to the US with 3 checked bags. After 8 days in Albuquerque, one of the bags was delivered after they departed for Newark. After 4 days traveling the east coast, on bag arrived at my house where they will end their US travels.
AA has a different story to tell about the 3rd bag each time we speak to them - we are still trying to get the third piece of luggage before they fly back to Hamburg!
mary susan watkins 1
A GOOD PR MOVE FOR DELTA..on the news it was reported the airlines at heathrow just didnt have enough personnel to sort and separate remember once several years back, being recruited to the baggage claim area of my airport, as and employee, to sort through and match an entire baggage claim area of bags that had been delivered late due to weather issues and a strike going on, and that area was large, but no where near the size of the area filled to overflowing at heathreow..i wish them well..its quite a chore to match tags,names and passengers by the hundreds!!
Joe Keifer 1
What the hell is going on? I was at the test of the New Denver Airport's automated baggage handling system prior to the airport going operational and that failed system did a better job then this!
SkyAware123 -3
lack of workers. Covid entitlements have taught people you no longer need to work for a living.
James Simms 1
I hear Orville & Wilber’s luggage they lost on the first flight of an aircraft were on this flight
darjr26 1
Did Delta “charter” a flight from another airline, or just ferry one of their own aircraft, with a bunch of bags onboard, back to DTW? I feel certain they didn’t “charter” an aircraft from themselves.
SkyAware123 1
its their own plane. no charter.
nick hawel 1
Flying on any transatlantic us airline seems to always be a joyful experience .
Joe Keifer 2
US airlines are no better transpacific I can assure you of that fact.
Joe Keifer 1
Different parts of the Delta Operation are entities in and of themselves. So the passenger carrying "wing" of Delta reached out to the freight carrying arm of Delta and chartered the plane.
SkyAware123 1
Joe Keifer 1
Says who?
ksmith610 -3
Trumpanzees seem to enjoy posting here.


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