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Why Did Airbus Make Indian Airlines A Special A320 with Different Landing Gear?

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Indian Airlines was primarily a domestic airline, later absorbed into Air India. When Airbus sold the airline a number of Airbus A320s, the European plane maker created a special version with unique landing gear just for them. ( עוד...

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I am intimately familiar with the double bogie.
mbrews 5
A good find, sparkie. Especially w/ photo of the 4 wheel bogie in the linked article.
william baker -8
It was on simpleflying like two days ago lol.
Scott Campbell 8
double bogie - just like I golf
Highflyer1950 5
Having flown into many of India’s airports I can also attest that most of the taxiways/ramps barely meet load ratings.
Bob Kamman 4
"Airlies" in headline a Freudian slip?
Chris Collingwood 1
That's what that airline calls itself. The headline is correct in that area. Can't vouch for anything else in there, though :-)
lynx318 -1
I went all stereotype for half a second and thought is this just to carry the weight of sacred cows?
Highflyer1950 4
The cows have to fly because there is no room on the trains? sorry couldn’t help myself, lol.
Suresh Mukhi 4
Well, the cow did jump over the moon... ;)
blt56 -6
Why is this a story?
mbrews 9
Well, you've served up a real puzzler here. Surprisingly, some folks come to this website for coverage of aircraft and commercial aviation topics.

Em Fairley 2
A better question would be why are you such a moron?

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