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United Airlines Will Fly the Longest-Ever Route From the U.S.

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United Airlines is adding an 18-hour non-stop flight, covering 8,700 miles between Los Angeles and Singapore. The trip — the longest scheduled non-stop flight to or from the U.S. — will be offered in October, subject to government approval, United said. Westbound flights will take approximately 18 hours, while eastbound flights are expected to last just more than 15 hours. ( עוד...

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Payam Minoofar 2
Does anyone know which aircraft this will be? A380 or B787?
Kris Durbin 3
787 with a weight restriction.
Torsten Hoff 1
United doesn't operate the A380.
bentwing60 1
No US carrier operates the 380. But they are gettin real cheap so HA might be the first.
Brad Littlejohn 2
wasn't KEWR-WSSS or KEWR-VHHH the longest route from the US? I want to say it was SIA that ran that route, using an A345..
Pileits 1
How neat one of my old friends will be one of the Captains flying this trip.

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