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  • 127 Launches Next-Generation General Aviation Flight Tracking in Europe

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For the first time ever, comprehensive, web-based flight tracking, real-time maps, and flight alerts for aircraft and airport operators throughout Europe FlightAware today announced the availability of live European data in existing FlightAware products as well as two new products, FlightAware Global and FBO ToolBox Europe. ( עוד...

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Daniel Baker 2
More info available at

AIN covered the announcement in their Monday edition of the EBACE show daily:

Hope to see you at our stand (#2065) at EBACE in Geneva or call/email to get setup today!
Dubslow 2
Sheesh, 32 votes in 7 minutes
Does Amazon ever intend to allow an APP for FlightAware to be downloadable on a Kindle Fire?
This is another site that is really cool.

It shows EHAM --AMS-- and you can track flights over Holland,England,Ireland, and Germany.
Chip Hermes 2
It's a neat toy and is pretty fun, but it doesn't do general aviation, nor does it know about future flights/flight plans/routings/etc. The FA products in this squawk are for people operating planes & airports.
joe yazbek -1
I love this application, as a hire car driver, I use it on daily basis , very accurate.

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