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Aviation Stats Update - December 6, 2021

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"After the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, commercial airline traffic saw an expected dip but has since increased, bringing commercial airline traffic within 12% of 2019 numbers, the smallest gap the US has seen this year." ( עוד...

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Michael Yentzer 6
the likely hood of Air traffic getting back to the 2019 levels with the current anti travel regime in DC is very low and in fact is likely going lower as the progressive utilize pandemics to lock down the citizens of all nations.
Andy Ridings 2
Fran Moreno-Randle 2
Neighbor has to use London vacation that was paid just week before shut down or lose all $$. Family of 4, all vaxxed, will need:
1. covid test 2 days before departing USA, book and pre-pay for covid test to be taken within 2 days of arrival in London plus have data on Locator Form.
2. until this test comes back negative have to quarantine but fortunately can take the test same day as arrive.and
3. take covid test day before departing London to enter USA.
Covid testing has now become big business. Least expensive options will cost this family about $1,000.

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