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Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport closes two terminals, one runway, suspends investment projects

Sheremetyevo Airport has closed two international terminals and suspended the use of the third runway as part of anti-crisis measures due to reduced traffic, the airport press service reported. ( More...

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M R 8
So according to the anouncement from the airport, "Airline Armenia, Vietnam Airlines, Corendon Airlines, Korean Air, Mongolian Airlines, Aeroflot (flights to the EAEU), Cham Wings Airlines, Air India, Air Serbia" are international airlines still flying there not joining the rest of the world's response to the invasion. I will be sure to be steering clear from them in the future.
kutsev 3
FYI Armenia and Serbia are on of the top countries, where people evacuate from all this shit happening in the country.
You're welcome
HP Baumeister 2
ANY evidence for that statement???
As of today: Serbia made provisions for 1000 refugees, of which 7! have been taken. Yep, Serbia is bending backwards….
There are currently 4 Mio refugees in Europe, mostly in Poland, Germany, Slovakia and Moldavia. I bet there are already more in Gibraltar than in Serbia. What’s your agenda again?
redsquare44 1 Turkish Airlines
ADXbear 8
Maybe they should lose the airport completely like they did in Ukraine..
We need to separate the Russian people from the Putin regime. The Russian people need to remove Putin and his thugs from power and get Russian out of Ukraine, Georgia and Chechnya. Must understand that Russia's GNP is not much larger than the state of Vermont.
unfortunately,this is easier said than done..russia is not a true democracy, and those who have opposed mr putin (he has been in power over 20 years)have faced jail time or worse,and they do not have a free press nor free open media on tv...
Randy Marco -5
Russia is NOT a democracy at ALL.... please get an education.
Ronald Jacobs 6
Vermont's GNP is small compared with Russia's (about one fortieth). However, the US GNP is about 16 times that of Russia and the Russian GNP is not much bigger than that of Florida.
SootBox 2
Awwww, that's too bad.
Juan Jimenez 2
And the commie trolls are still parroting that the sanctions are having no effect. BWAAAAAAAHAHA!
Oh no!

Vertreesc 0
So just looked at Google maps of SVO. I realize these are not realtime, but even still it looks more like a parking lot than an active airport. A quick count showed about 30 craft at a gate, but only 12 were actually connected to a jetway. The rest were retracted. And without counting there looked to be maybe another 60-70 commercial craft parked around the site. Article said they had reduced operations during COVID, my guess this image was taken at that time, but still it's difficult to understand how this is a going concern. Any insights about SVO operations?
Google maps has for years been removing aircraft from airports and cars from roads with new updates. Go take a look at KEWR and you will see only one aircraft at a gate.
Vertreesc 1
No, look at the pic. These aircraft are parked at gates. The jet bridge is just retracted for most. This is not Google removing items but airops parking/storing craft at a gate. Too many at the site to put them elsewhere so apparently mothballing gates as storage.
this was to be expected..


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