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United, American carry out repairs on Boeing 737 MAX planes

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United Airlines said Wednesday it has completed repairs on its 17 Boeing 737 MAX planes that were grounded over an electrical problem, while American Airlines said it has completed repairs on 14 of 18 737 MAX planes in its fleet. ( עוד...

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Peter Blouin 1
Can anyone explain what the electrical repair was?? Article stated a 'grounding issue'.
sparkie624 1
Being an Avionics Electrical Specialty, this seems to be something top secret.. I have not been able to find out myself... If I do find out, I will post here... I heard rumors a while back it was Avionics Related, something to do with the EFIS Displays.
Raymond Doherty 1
Raymond Doherty 1
They automated the drilling of holes in a couple of electrical panels in the cockpit, but sprayed them with primer AFTER drilling (instead of before), thus breaking the ground path. Basic stuff. Unbelievable incompetence.

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