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A Bumpier, Lower Ride for SkyWest

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Regional airline SkyWest has limited altitude operations for its CRJ fleet. The measure, seen as a "company policy," has triggered rumors in the industry. ( עוד...

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Ev Butler 7
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744pnf 1
Dear Pilots,

You’re well aware of our ongoing efforts to provide awareness, training, SOP updates, bulletins, and more regarding high altitude low speed events, and as an airline we have made continual improvements. However, even one event produces unacceptable risk. As professional aviators, it’s important to understand that any occurrence of these types of events is a failure of our responsibilities as a pilot and undermines our credibility as pilots and as an airline.

That’s why effective Monday, June 22 at 08:00Z, an amendment to our Operations Specifications will mandate the following operational limitations:
CRJ200 operations are limited to FL280 and below with a minimum cruise airspeed of 250 knots indicated airspeed

CRJ700/900 operations are limited to FL350 and below with a minimum cruise speed of Mach .74 or 250 knots indicated airspeed (whichever is less)
Please reference FOAB 062115-1 for full restriction details. Compliance with these altitude and speed limits is mandatory. It’s important for you to know that strict monitoring will be accomplished by our OCC and the FAA.

I know this may produce new challenges; if you have questions, please ask. We will continue to keep you updated and Flight Ops leadership is available to answer questions. As always, our primary focus must be the safety of each and every flight. Thank you for remaining vigilant and focused on this essential responsibility.

Fly Safe,

Captain T.T. Gallo
Vice President Flight Operations
bentwing60 2
Pretty sad, they don't trust their own pilots to fly an airplane within the parameters of the certification standards! If I were a FSDO guy reading this I would aim at the airline and its training department rather than the pilots.
preacher1 1
Tis sad they have taken aim at the pilots for dome reason, but I can remember about those same speed/altitude restrictions in the NWA days when I was a pax. Not sure about the speed but in most cases FSM-MEM and either CLT/GSO, we were below RVSM. Don't remember a pilot flap but that is what this sounds like.
Roger Deeringer 2
When selecting flights, I work hard to avoid the SkyWest segments. At 6'4" all the "RJ's" are very uncomfortable. Now the main line carriers are using these planes on major routes and they are almost always full, making anything over an hour flight an ordeal. In my opinion, these planes should never be used beyond the regional niche. Flying them on routes East of IAH and DFW to major markets is keeping me from flying those routes.
preacher1 2
Well you are correct about the regional niche being where they should be and that was intent, but folks got to seeing $ so there went the neighborhood.
sparkie624 1
It sounds like SKYWEST altitude restrictions are being enforced by the FAA and may have just made them permanent.
mike SUT 1
Bonnie Lane thread is Spam......
Loral Thomas 1
Would like to know "the rest of the story."
Jon Van Staalduinen 1
That was a long time ago
Must be something more recent
This is bizarre non the less
kyle estep 1
This restriction is not in place at other operators of the same type aircraft. Where I work, the company imposed limit on the CRJ-200 is 37000ft (and that probably isn't happening in the summer) Bombardier certified it to 41000ft, though I have no idea how they ever got one that high. As for the CRJ-700/900, the limit is the Bombardier limit of 41000ft. Those planes could probably go a little higher even, if not for the limits from the pressurization system. (and of course the certified limits) That said, 37000ft is doable almost anytime. Above that (and rarely even below that), you do need to mind the airplane weight and the air temperature. One thing to remember about the CRJ series is climb fast, as in airspeed, not climb rate. These planes climb better at altitude if you are already going faster. They don't like climbing fast then trying to accelerate once you are up.
preacher1 1
Reckon it has anything to do with getting rid of the CRJ 200's?
jbqwik 1
Me too, thinking there's more to this self-imposed cruel and unusual punishment.. .
sparkie624 1
There is more to this than meets the eye... Wonder what drove that..
Brad Littlejohn 1
could this have anything to do with FLG3701, when the pilots pushed the aircraft to FL410, caused a flame out, locked both engines, and crashed?
bentwing60 2
Weird, that was a long time ago.

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