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Spirit Airlines Flight Delayed Because All The TSA Agents Went Home

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A Spirit Airlines flight from Atlantic City to Boston left four hours late on Sunday because Atlantic City International Airport didn’t have any TSA agents to process the pilots. Apparently, the TSA staff had all gone home for the evening and had to be called back. ( עוד...

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jbqwik 7
The TSA is the F35 of security: Obese, budget-busting, wanna-be, knee-jerk agency, can't see well (helmet issues), uneducated (software issues), poor performing.. - (add your own description) .. .
Ric Wernicke 3
I want to know how you can tell if they are there or not? What do they accomplish?
joel wiley 4
No goose, no gander, no TSA. Since inception, there has never been a case of exploding elephants at an airport protected by the TSA. That may be their greatest accomplishment.
Wolfgang Prigge 3
What do they accomplish? To Joe Public, they make politicians look like they're doing "something" about security, and to the easily impressed, they make air travel look very secure.
I have never boarded a flight or seen any passenger board a flight without the Pilots/Crew already onboard the plane. What kind of airline would do such a crazy thing??? Also, the news headline stated that the flight was delayed because the TSA agents went home. That's not entirely true. It was already delayed three hours due to weather. Sounds like an exploitation of words by the person writing this story. This ordeal sounds like it was a communication problem between Spirit Airlines and TSA. Honestly, it wasn't worth writing about.

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