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Hotel or Restaurant at BGR

Four Points SheratonPhotos of Four Points Sheraton+1-207-947-6721
Fairfield Inn Bangor+1-207-990-0001
Holiday Inn+1-207-947-0101
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Maintenance or Aircraft Services at BGR

C&L Aviation Services+1-800-810-0169
Air Bear Aviation (AOG Maintenance)Photos of Air Bear Aviation (AOG Maintenance)+1-603-216-2752
Bangor Aviation Services+1-207-992-4600
Maine Aero Services+1-207-990-5555
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Aircraft Rental or Flight School at BGR

Mercury Jets+1-954-359-0111
Jet Partners+1-866-235-2852
Maine Aero Services Flight School+1-207-990-5555
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Other Airport Business at BGR

5-0 Taxi+1-207-356-4650
Dick's Taxi+1-207-942-6403
Rickshaw Taxi Service+1-207-285-0500
Hertz Car Rental
BAFS, Inc. (Catering)+1-207-942-5227
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