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Aeromexico Carried Out the Longest Flight of its History

Mexico City, Mexico - Mexico's national carrier Aeromexico has carried out the longest flight in its history and that of Mexico. A Boeing 787-9 of AeroMexico made a non-stop flight from Shenzhen, China, to Mexico City. ( More...

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rebomar 1
Direct distance between PVG and MEX is 8,023. Today's flight AMX9837/ 29 May distance is 8,327. 14:37 hours. This is the longest flight in the past week.
william baker 1
The article didn’t mention Shanghai it mentioned Shenzhen and the distance between SZX and MEX is 8790 miles
Shenzhen on May 25 and landed at the Mexico City International Airport
Lee Enderlin 3
So how many miles was the flight? It would have been appropriate to include that information since that's what the headline referred to. Journalism 101.
william baker 2
Aeromexico 9011 SZX-MEX 9050NM airport to airport time in transit was 14Hrs 8 Mins
Tsing Tao instead of Dos X`s....
Mike Boote 1
Why not both?
James Simms -9
Begs the question did they bring back any Corona Beer? Uh, uh...oh wait....


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