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C124 — - This was one of my favs to work on back in '60
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C124 —

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This was one of my favs to work on back in '60


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Larry Toler
Cool picture. Do you remember where this was taken?
ian mcdonell
Great photo from another time, thanks for posting
Jim Quinn
Coincidentally I saw one yesterday for the first time in decades at the Pima Air and Space Museum. As an Air Force brat I was amazed that these things could fly, even at the early age of six years old! Dad called all of them "Old Shakey". Double decks and an elevator to load things from the ground at mid-fuselage as well as the huge ramp in the nose when the cheeks spread below the nose. When these things fired up it was a great sound, amplified by the smoke blowing out of the cylinders. Great memories!
doug marshburnPhoto Uploader
I do not know where this was taken , a friend sent it to me several years back .
Harry Ellett
Flew a lot of hours in "Old Shakey" back in the sixties. Love this old aircraft. In 63 one flight was from Travis AFB CA to Hickam AFB Hawaii, RON, to Wake Island AB, RON, to Tachikawa AB Japan. I was courier guard for some highly classified material and stayed onboard the bird during the RONs at Hickam and at Wake Island (RON/Remain Over Night).

There is a long story with another flight in 1968. I'll keep it short; Flight began at Tachikawa AB Japan, short hop to Yokota AB just a few miles west of Tachi to on-load Class A explosives. From Yokota AB Japan to Kadena AB Okinawa; then on to Clark AB in the Philippines, RON. Next day from Clark AB to Da Nang AB Vietnam delivering a load of class A explosives to the Marines at Da Nang. On the return trip we were loaded with two large Marine Helicopter taking them to Osaka Japan to be refirbed. We flew Da Nang to Tiepai Tiwan, RON and then to Osaka; off loaded Heilos, then back to Tachikaw AB. Wish I could tell the entire story of this trip but it would be just too long.
Harry Ellett
A short correction; Taipei Taiwan.
doug marshburnPhoto Uploader
Hi Jim ,thanks for you comments , I was in the USAF in the early 60 ' I was an air freight man and one of my greatest thrills was to fly from Rhine Main A B to a base in France and back .The crew was the best officers ever .I can still remember the Lt name {Lux } , The air craft commander was a Col.The Col let me set in his seat for about 40 min or so and Lt Lux showed me the cockpit .
John Rumble
Love those vintage pics
David Grimm
I was a teenager when they were in service. We all remember the sound! You could always hear them coming and in my mind, they almost sounded like a B-36. It seems the B-36 was louder and maybe even by that time they were retired so it had to be a C-124. I always hoped for a B-36 - just one more time! I have a thick book on the R-4360 engine. Occurred to me, they had 4,000 more cubic inches than my Cherokee 180.
terry kelsey
Spent the summer with my older brother in '51 or '52 in Mobile AL. He piloted these from Mobile to South America pretty regularly.
Brian Roth
C-124A, 49-258 is on display at the Air Mobility Command Museum at Dover, Delaware. This is the only remaining "A" model. There are about 35 other aircraft on display at the museum. Interior tours can sometimes be arranged.
Will Sutton
Before I joined the AF in '71, I would see these birds at Barksdale AFB when an ANG or Reserve unit flew them. By the time I was stationed at Barksdale a couple of years later that unit had transitioned to A-37's. The last time I remember seeing a C-124 in the air was in'73 0r '74, TDY with a KC-123 Mobile Simulator, at Blytheville AFB, AR. I remember seeing one doing approaches one afternoon.
John Hoag
The national flag on the front of the bus is a horizontal tricolor, so either it's France (landing mat [PSP for some] ramp makes this a potential) or Italy. Middle bar of Belgian tricolor is black, so it's ruled out.
Grew up in Mobile-- Brooklet AFB Base was the IRAN base for the 124--always admired the plane and finally had the opportunity to fly in one in 60/61 from Turner AFB to Albrook AFB Panama. Spent the flight time wandering throughout the aircraft, including the cockpit. "memories from the corner of my mind"===
Patrick Slayton
MAC not MATS so 1966 +. The C-124 was supposedly retired in 74 so this is Vietnam era. At a temporary base? Notice the steel plates.
Gary Draper
Rode one in 1965 from Guam to Clark AFB sitting sideways face-to-face with a pallet of Class A explosives.

Squirmed as Old Shaky struggled to get airborne. Loved the instant altitude increase at the end of Runway 6 thanks to Pati Point.
Hugh Somsen
Flew on one from Van Nuys ANG Base , to Mather AFB, (where ground crew blew out our avionics) then on to Hill AFB (where they replaced our Aviomics module), to Tinker, then finally to Andrews, where on landing blew out 4 ancient rotting tires. Held over at Andrews while Georgia Air Guard flew us replacement tires and crew. Flight from heck, noisy and cold.
Hugh Somsen
To drag this out, the purpos of our Van Nuys to Andrews flight (and someday return) was to transport the three Cadet Companies of the then California Military Academy to Andrews and Ft. Knox and Ft Bragg. The Avionics issues resulted in such delays that we never got to Ft Knox, but did attend a Ranger Orientation ptogram at Ft. bending. That was a gas. Really enjoyed the Jump towers. Won’t forget the TAC Officer who rappelled of a Helo Skid, didn’t titghtn up soon enough, all I heard was a loud THUMP, and saw a cloud of dust radiating out from his body.
Pat Leeds
While stationed at Travis, AFB in 1958 witnessed a Tachikawa Squadron C-124 crash on takeoff near Fairfield, killing all crew members except the Loadmaster. Terrible experience but I went on to fly as Loadmaster on Boeing C-97's of the 55th ATS and Douglas C-133's Both A & B models of the 84th ATS.
Patrick McDermott
I think this is somewhere in Italy. Bus resembles a Fiat 682RN Cansa. The tricolor flag looks Italian also.
Jim Smith
I remember these flying touch and goes from KTCM back in the 1960s.
Loved this plane, use to watch them land in Okinawa as a kid in early 60's
Lucius Gravely
The Air Guard had several of these stationed at PIT in the late 60's (1968 to be exact) Of all the planes that flew near my in-laws house (touch and go's in the pattern) the C-124 was the only one that would make the windows rattle.
Duane Mader
Search for “Ol Shakey” in Amazon books. Written from the flight engineer’s perspective. Well worth reading if you’re interested in this plane at all.
Dick Hendrickson
YEP, Graduated Aviation Cadet pilot training 10/60. That was the best choice of aircraft to choose from. Became aircraft commander on it at age 23. Then off to Vietnam to fly the C-123. Came home 10/64, got a job with Delta, flew 6,7,440,9,727,880,757 & 767. Life was good. Own a T-6G for the last 49 years.
Lucky guy.
Andrea Gentilini
This is Italy, as you can see from the flag Painted on the bus (and from the FIAT bus itself).
But I don't recognize the airfield !!
Tom Vance
great pic, as other have stated, used to see the daily sometimes at BFI - Seattle pre 1964 and always loading - unloading serious Cargo....and these were very loud when taking off from BFI.
I was stationed at Bien Hoa AB, Vietnam a long time ago. I was surprised to see one of these come in one day in 1966 and off load what seemed like a dozen O-1 Cessna Birddogs all crated up. They had them assembled and flying within just a few days. Ralph Christensen
Stuart Sibitzky
My very first airplane ride out of Tachikawa in 56.
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