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Airbus A330-200 (N360HA)

נשלח לפני

A Hawaiian Airlines A332 (N360HA), named "Tutukamolehonua" which is the Hawaiian name for a massive red star - "Gacrux" - in the constellation Crux (*see note below), begins its departure roll down KLAX's runway 24L.

* Information regarding names of all Hawaiian Airlines fleet aircraft obtained from the Hawaiian Airlines Newsroom website ...


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Greg Byington
Nice job, Gary!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hi, Greg. Thanx for the comment / compli. I couldn't have gotten this without the fabulous assistance of a Southwest employee who escorted us to this photo location. Awesome folks at SW; we had never met him previously and SW at LAX is super busy, but he squeezed in a few minutes to escort us for a couple ramp and runway pics. Also, Greg, I still have a pic to e/m to you. I just got sidetracked over this past weekend when a friend turned up here unexpectedly to do some a/c spotting. Will be sending to you, Cliff, Dave, and Mark T. (Wave)
*F*I*V*E* stars here, Gary... and my wave back to You also!!!

(I will be on the look out for your e/m...!!! :-)
Greg Byington
I have to admit that I'm a little envious of the access you get at some airports. You do great work, and I'm always happy to see any new shots you post. And on this particular photo I especially like your composition/framing. Plus, I think the HAL birds always look nice. And speaking of HAL, I've had a chance to fly them a few times now, and I've had pretty good experiences. Though, most of the flights were just inter-island hops. However, I did take an HAL flight from Honolulu to Auckland (A332) back in Dec that was also nice. Oh, and I have noticed the names they give all their birds. I just can't pronounce them! Anyway, you're welcome and roger that on the email. :-)
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Cliff .. Howdy, my friend, and Thanks. I'll e/m it soon.
Greg ... I'm only an amateur photog; there are many hundreds of contributors to FA's gallery whose clicks are way, way better than mine. I don't know beans about Photoshop so I can't edit my stuff like many others do. But I have 4 "carved in stone" principles: 1) Never post just for the sake of posting (ie: no photobombing); 2) every pic in my FA folder was taken by me; 3) use my real name (no phony hide-my-true-identity type names) and only post photos that I am willing to acknowledge as photographer, and 4) variety, variety, variety! And it is those four rules that get me all the bennies, including the access. I know it for an absolute fact. My photos are not pro pics by any stretch of the imagination, but I constantly receive invitations / requests / permissions / free admissions / free flights (so many; in fact, that I actually have a calendar to keep track of them), and it is my FA folder that gets me all of that. It's all because of the folder. I owe the folks at FA a lifetime debt. I've thanked them publicly and privately many times, but still, it is a debt I can never ever repay. But trust me, Greg, if my pics are getting me all these bennies, then anyone can get the same bennies because I'm just a schmuck with a Canon camera. I'll share the "how's' and the "why's' if you'd like. ??? And I'm very happy to hear you had good flights with HAL because I know two folks who will be flying on HAL soon so I'll let them know. (Wave)
Thanks, Gary.. and you are very welcome!!!

To Greg... Allow me to say that Gary not only "talks the talk", but he "walks the walk". He does exactly what he says... and he never compromises his unwavering high standards for his aviation photography endeavors and the result is consistent exemplary results!

It is spelled C-H-A-R-A-C-T-E-R... a truly rare commodity in today's world!!!
Greg Byington
I agree with you all the way, Cliff! And you can tell just by looking through Gary's gallery here on FA. Gary, I have noticed when you've mentioned your "4 "carved in stone" principles" before, so I've tried to follow them myself. I probably don't do so as well as you, though. Anyway, thanks for your pics, your advice and the example you set. Keep it up, eh!
Thanks, Greg... I do appreciate those good words... and yes, Gary is great inspiration and mentor for anyone active in aircraft spotting photos!!!
Tom Vance
I always have to laugh a bit ( a friendly laugh) when Gman says he is an amatuer. Gong!!!!!!!! Sorry Gman - How many people will hike up Rattlesnake Hill to get that special effect looking down at an airliner from above while it is in the air while standing on the ground? Your pristine research on the Military and other nice to see a photographer take the time to post a blurb about the photo.....sorry Gman, Amatuers don't do what you do, plus you answer pleasantly when people comment on your photos.....NOPE, you can't trick me anymore Gman! 5-hoorays for Gman!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hey, what's all this?? (Grin) Looks like you three have let friendship cloud your judgment!! (Bigger grin) I'll just clarify one thing here: 1) Photogs who try to make $$$ off their photos are professionals; I have never, do not now, and will never ask for, or accept, $$$ ... my photos (and my time and skills) are always free to anyone who requests them (in fact; I have point-blank refused to take photos at any event or activity if the requestor insisted on paying $$$$), so that makes me an amateur for life. And I'll say my most sincere Thanks to all three of you for your friendship. I learned the hard way that true friends such as you three do not exist around here and can't be found very often, so you are appreciated more than you'll ever know. TYVVM, guys. (Handshake)
Gary... your good words and exemplary photo works remain an inspiration for all aircraft spotters. Your selfless character in regards to sharing your photo efforts and results is truly remarkable in today's world!!!

Care given to quality photographic results always wins over sheer quantity of photos. You certainly prove that every time you upload a photo to Flight Aware's site!!

Thank you for all this and especially for your friendship!!! :-)
יומן פעילות
מעוניין בחיפוש היסטורי מלא של N360HA מאז שנת 1998? קנה עכשיו. קבל תוך שעה.
תאריך מטוס מוצא יעד המראה נחיתה משך טיסה
17 יול 2018 A332Kahului ()Seattle-Tacoma Intl () 15:03 HST 23:06 PDT 5:02
17 יול 2018 A332Seattle-Tacoma Intl ()Kahului () 10:42 PDT 13:29 HST 5:47
16 יול 2018 A332Daniel K Inouye Intl ()Seattle-Tacoma Intl () 13:44 HST 21:47 PDT 5:03
16 יול 2018 A332Narita Int'l ()Daniel K Inouye Intl () 21:05 JST 09:14 HST 7:09
15 יול 2018 A332Daniel K Inouye Intl ()Narita Int'l () 15:47 HST 18:34 JST (+1) 7:47
15 יול 2018 A332Seattle-Tacoma Intl ()Daniel K Inouye Intl () 11:24 PDT 13:48 HST 5:24
14 יול 2018 A332Kahului ()Seattle-Tacoma Intl () 14:48 HST 23:00 PDT 5:12
14 יול 2018 A332Seattle-Tacoma Intl ()Kahului () 10:29 PDT 12:53 HST 5:24
13 יול 2018 A332Daniel K Inouye Intl ()Seattle-Tacoma Intl () 13:32 HST 21:47 PDT 5:15
13 יול 2018 A332Metropolitan Oakland Intl ()Daniel K Inouye Intl () 08:09 PDT 10:10 HST 5:01
12 יול 2018 A332Daniel K Inouye Intl ()Metropolitan Oakland Intl () 12:29 HST 20:17 PDT 4:48
12 יול 2018 A332נמל התעופה הבינלאומי של לוס אנג'לס ()Daniel K Inouye Intl () 07:11 PDT 09:21 HST 5:10
11 יול 2018 A332Daniel K Inouye Intl ()נמל התעופה הבינלאומי של לוס אנג'לס () 15:03 HST 23:10 PDT 5:07
10 יול 2018 A332נמל התעופה הבינלאומי ג'ון פ. קנדי ()Daniel K Inouye Intl () 10:19 EDT 14:15 HST 9:56
9 יול 2018 A332Daniel K Inouye Intl ()נמל התעופה הבינלאומי ג'ון פ. קנדי () 15:17 HST 06:38 EDT (+1) 9:21
9 יול 2018 A332Sydney ()Daniel K Inouye Intl () 21:56 AEST 11:26 HST 9:30
8 יול 2018 A332Daniel K Inouye Intl ()Sydney () 13:04 HST 19:23 AEST (+1) 10:19
8 יול 2018 A332Tokyo Int'l (Haneda) ()Daniel K Inouye Intl () 21:28 JST 10:01 HST 7:33
7 יול 2018 A332Daniel K Inouye Intl ()Tokyo Int'l (Haneda) () 16:05 HST 18:58 JST (+1) 7:53
7 יול 2018 A332San Diego Intl ()Daniel K Inouye Intl () 10:30 PDT 12:59 HST 5:29
6 יול 2018 A332Daniel K Inouye Intl ()San Diego Intl () 14:28 HST 22:36 PDT 5:08
7 יול 2018 A332Auckland ()Daniel K Inouye Intl () 00:15 NZST 11:07 HST (-1) 8:52
5 יול 2018 A332Daniel K Inouye Intl ()Auckland () 14:53 HST 21:50 NZST (+1) 8:57
5 יול 2018 A332Incheon Int'l ()Daniel K Inouye Intl () 22:42 KST 12:30 HST 8:47
4 יול 2018 A332Daniel K Inouye Intl ()Incheon Int'l () 15:14 HST 19:49 KST (+1) 9:35
4 יול 2018 A332נמל התעופה הבינלאומי של לוס אנג'לס ()Daniel K Inouye Intl () 10:15 PDT 12:28 HST 5:13
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