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Model drone finds elderly man, missing for three days, alive

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It took just 20 minutes for a model drone to locate a missing elderly Wisconsin man, a feat that helicopters, search dogs, and volunteers couldn't accomplish in three days. Just don't tell that to the Federal Aviation Administration, whose regulatory wings are already flapping about model drones. (arstechnica.com) עוד...

China begins trial production of world's largest amphibious aircraft TA600

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Trial production of the TA600 amphibious aircraft, intended to be the world's largest, has started in China and is expected to undertake its maiden flight next year, a company executive said on Sunday. (indiatoday.intoday.in) עוד...

Airlines quick off the mark to fly the Boeing 787-9

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From low-cost Scoot to high-luxe Etihad, six airlines will begin flying the Boeing 787-9 this year... (www.ausbt.com.au) עוד...

Bombardier Aerospace CEO retires amid restructuring that will see 1,800 jobs cut

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MONTREAL - Bombardier Aerospace president and CEO Guy Hachey is retiring after six years in the post amid a restructuring of operations at aerospace that will result in the layoff of 1,800 employees. (www.montrealgazette.com) עוד...

Alaska Airlines Has a Machine That 'Prints' Pancakes

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The airline's lounges have pancake "printing" machines that work at the push of a button, originally offered in Seattle and now with expanded hours of operation in Anchorage, Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles. While a printed pancake is far from gourmet, it doesn't look any worse than a lot of airline fare. The airline says it was the first to bring the pancake machine to airport lounges. (mashable.com) עוד...

Delta Airlines Pilot Gets Angry at ATC Controller

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Someone got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning! Enjoy this video of pilot of Delta Airline Pilot gets angry at Air Traffic Control Ground in Atlanta. (www.liveleak.com) עוד...

British Airways offers free first class upgrade from business class

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British Airways is offering a free upgrade to first class for business class travellers flying from Sydney to Singapore or London. It's a pretty straightforward deal: book a Club World business class Sydney-London or Sydney-Singapore return fare and you'll spend either your outward or return journey ensconced in BA's elegant first class cabin. (www.ausbt.com.au) עוד...

Vuelos directos La Romana (Rep. Dominicana) y Curazao

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Al parecer no sólo Jetblue aprovecha la falta de iniciativa pública o probada de crear una aerolínea de bandera dominicana. Insel Air se apunta al festín de mercado que hay actualmente en República Dominicana con vuelos directos a Curazao con sus aviones MD83. Es el segundo destino en Rep. Dominicana, incluyendo la capital SDQ. Actualmente Insel Air con sus MD83 y Aerolineas Más con sus Jetstream 32 (Operados desde el aeropuerto de El Higuero JBQ) son las únicas dos aerolíneas con vuelos entre… (www.caribbeannewsdigital.com) עוד...

Javier Caro Ambassador
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The "Crash Cluster"

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Three plane crashes in a week leave passengers nervous and the media in a frenzy. But take a look at history. Plus, the plane crash as art? Also, what's in a name: when Air Algerie isn't really Air Algerie. (www.askthepilot.com) עוד...

Improvements to FlightAware Maps & Understanding Map Behavior

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There has been a lot of attention and scrutiny to flight tracking maps in the last few days, so we've made some great improvements to improve visualization and have a few updates to help everyone understand what they're seeing and how the data is derived. (flightaware.com) עוד...

Boeing 787-9 does things that would make you throw up

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Here is a video taken at Farnborough Airshow, showing how aerobatic a Boeing 787-9 can be! (www.theverge.com) עוד...

Watch Aeroflot's sensual slow-motion inflight safety video

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Aeroflot's sensual safety video for the Boeing 777-300ER is all about slow-motion poses and sultry looks. Laden with lingering clips of the female flight attendants – the blokes appear once and only at the 30 second mark (and of course they're pilots) – the video seems to celebrate stunning Russian cabin crew as much as knowing where your nearest exit it located. (www.ausbt.com.au) עוד...