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Qantas board members and CEO to be gone

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Today on the ABC news CEO Allan Joyce said they airline has suffered a $2.8 billion dollar loss since becoming the CEO. Most of the share holders along with Qantas employees say he is bluffing at getting Qantas to be in balance or have a profit by early 2015. Most want him to stand down along with board members who have helped cause the fall of Qantas. (www.abc.net.au) עוד...

Drone delays medical helicopter landing at OH hospital

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Police discovered a man using the drone to take aerial photos of the Montgomery County Fairgrounds across the street from the hospital. (www.12newsnow.com) עוד...

See Images of Airplanes at Night Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

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This summer, photographer Kevin Kunstadt began making long exposures of airplanes as they flew over the New York City area at night, creating these surreal and eerily beautiful images. (time.com) עוד...

Sunwing flight to Cuba forced back to Toronto after disruption

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A Sunwing Airlines flight headed to Cuba was forced to turn back to Toronto’s Pearson airport Wednesday after an apparent disruption by two passengers. A NORAD spokesperson confirmed to CTV News that two Canadian fighter jets escorted the passenger aircraft back to Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. Earlier reports suggest the plane was near Florida when it had to turn around. Police said two female suspects were arrested. (www.ctvnews.ca) עוד...

Another A380 at Miami International

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Air France announced that it will use the Airbus A380 for flights between Miami and Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport! (www.miamiherald.com) עוד...

New charges for Sunwing passengers after in-flight scuffle

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Two Sunwing passengers are due in an Ontario court Thursday after allegedly disrupting a Cuba-bound flight and forcing it to return to Toronto. (www.ctvnews.ca) עוד...

Australia Says MH370 'May Have Turned South Earlier Than Thought'

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The hunt for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 will focus on the southern part of the existing search zone after a new clue to the plane's possible location emerged, Australia said on Thursday. Fresh information suggested the jet "may have turned south" earlier than thought, Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss said. (www.businessinsider.com) עוד...

Qatar reveals first Airbus A350 in full livery

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Qatar has revealed its first Airbus A350 in full livery ahead of the jet's debut before the end of this year. (tinyurl.com) עוד...

Tragedies and Young Pilots

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Is 17 too young for a pilot to attempt such a flight? On one's own? The answer is an emphatic "yes." With help? Well, getting help makes such attempts dubious to begin with. (www.flyingmag.com) עוד...

Google Eyeing Spruce Goose Hangar for New Offices

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Google is reportedly searching for new, much larger office space in the Los Angeles area, and rumor has it that a leading choice is the old Hughes Aircraft hangar where the Spruce Goose was housed. (www.flyingmag.com) עוד...

Drug Smuggling Ring uncovered at Las Vegas McCarran Airport

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Federal agents have broken up a drug smuggling ring operating through McCarran International Airport. According to the indictment, the drugs were given to a US Airways employee working at McCarran. The employee would then bypass security, then pass the drugs off to other travelers, who took them to Alaska and other states. (www.8newsnow.com) עוד...

Warbirds: The Planes of D-Day

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The 70-year anniversary of the Allied invasion of mainland Europe at Normandy Beach in France that we celebrated this year is a special one, as it is a solemn recognition of the incalculable contribution of a legion of fighters, the survivors of whom are now at least in their late 80s, most well into their 90s. All too soon the memory of that epic invasion, the climactic battle of World War II, will be the stuff of history only and not memory. So it is fitting that we mark this event. (www.flyingmag.com) עוד...

Why We’re Not Driving the Friendly Skies

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A number of us can thank a cartoon character from the future, George Jetson, for instilling our longing. Students of aviation history might look for inspiration to the Autoplane prototype built in 1917 by the flight pioneer Glenn Curtiss. And tens of millions of motorists who have been stuck in traffic jams..... (www.nytimes.com) עוד...

Ride-Sharing Site Flytenow Will Take FAA To Court

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In the wake of an FAA ruling prohibiting the exchange of money through airplane ride-sharing websites, startup Flytenow has tweaked its business model to make all online flight arrangements free. In the meantime, the company plans to challenge the FAA's interpretation of the regulations in a Washington, D.C., district court. (www.flyingmag.com) עוד...

Experimental P-51 Mustang Crash Results in Fatality

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An amateur built Loehle 5151 Mustang, designed as a miniature version of the highly popular North American P-51, crashed in Chehalis, Washington, on Tuesday. The pilot, who was the only occupant of the single-seat airplane, died in the crash. The airplane had just departed from the Chehalis-Centralia airport and crashed in a parking lot. (www.flyingmag.com) עוד...

Airline loses wheelchair-using granny for 11 hours

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A family is fuming mad after an airline employee parked a wheelchair-using grandmother for 11 hours at an airport, having apparently forgotten her. Southwest gave her $200 in travel vouchers after she missed all her flights. (www.freep.com) עוד...