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nice to see you again!!

Written on 18/12/2017 by Uwe Zinke

This was N49LG however that registration has apparently been reassigned

Written on 18/12/2017 by Jeff Lawson

That's a good looking pic, Manuel!

Written on 18/12/2017 by Greg Byington

Bitte! I was gone for a few days so I'm trying to get caught up.

Written on 18/12/2017 by Greg Byington

thank you Greg!!

Written on 18/12/2017 by Uwe Zinke

Very nice, Uwe!

Written on 18/12/2017 by Greg Byington

Congrats on the mention and GREAT picture! Hope to catch you on the deck!! MERRY XMAS

Written on 18/12/2017 by JAMES JONES

Still deicing at the gate? When will these airlines and airports join the 21st century? Great picture though!

Written on 18/12/2017 by Buster Chappell

Robert it's N744ST

Written on 18/12/2017 by rwb2112

Great photo! The people in the foreground add some scale even though they would look even smaller if they were as far away as the airplane is.

Written on 18/12/2017 by Ray Lang

Very few pilots have flown 1 Million miles in the same airplane.

Written on 18/12/2017 by Dan Weber

Any relation to the late Peter M. Bowers ?

Written on 18/12/2017 by Bill Bailey

That's a Mildenhall, UK based tanker with the 100th ARW. If that's what the wing is still called.

Written on 18/12/2017 by Larry Toler

Put this in your "rare birds" folder. There aren't many of these left flying.

Written on 18/12/2017 by Paul Wisgerhof

very cool picture!

Written on 18/12/2017 by A F

Very very cool!

Written on 18/12/2017 by Kevin Haiduk

Amazing! Portugal Registration! What will we see next?

Written on 18/12/2017 by Joao Ponces

I do not understand your comments?

Written on 18/12/2017 by ian mcdonell

Same words. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to photographers and aviation buffs who love the heavy birds. Greetings from Calgary (YYC) Alberta, Canada. Keep up the fantastic work folks. Always appreciated.

Written on 17/12/2017 by ThePumpkin

Thanks Peter for the great shot from the Falcon.

Written on 17/12/2017 by CHRIS ROBEY


Written on 17/12/2017 by Kevin Haiduk

A-6, A-7, F-14, and S-3... nice collection on deck

Written on 17/12/2017 by blueashflyer

Thanks for the comment Chris, taken from a Falcon 900EX today

Written on 17/12/2017 by Peter West

Thank You!

Written on 17/12/2017 by Zdenek Bubak

Thanks Andrew, a typographical error, it's true, it was Tenerife South; GCTS.---Best Regards

Written on 17/12/2017 by Manuel EstevezR

Classic! Maybe taken from a Sabreliner, looking at the slats...

Written on 17/12/2017 by CHRIS ROBEY

31A. Very nice. Any location?

Written on 17/12/2017 by CHRIS ROBEY

Enjoy the MD-80 while you can!

Written on 17/12/2017 by Philip Bradshaw

perfect, thanks

Written on 17/12/2017 by ian mcdonell

What about the registration for IBB944?
Couldn't find anything but this page.

Written on 17/12/2017 by ROBERT MILLS JR

Now that's going to the top of the world!

Written on 17/12/2017 by Bryan Guilbeau

very nice

Written on 17/12/2017 by Fabian Dirscherl

beautiful jet

Written on 17/12/2017 by Fabian Dirscherl

nice shot

Written on 17/12/2017 by Fabian Dirscherl

Kevin Simons, no it wasn't. This was taken back in August, and the clouds just happened to be in the approach path.

Written on 17/12/2017 by Cameron Stone


Written on 17/12/2017 by A F

That's a Bell 206L-1 LongRanger

Written on 17/12/2017 by Draven Pastore


Written on 16/12/2017 by Alexander Viduetsky

A.Levent Bekdik, thank you. It was approaching Los Angeles

Written on 16/12/2017 by Cameron Stone

Taken at Milwaukee Air and Water show.

Written on 16/12/2017 by tjleasa

Yea Thanx ... B738

Written on 16/12/2017 by Angel Vee


Written on 16/12/2017 by Caden Bell


Frontier is my favorite airline!

Hi Woody Duck!

Written on 16/12/2017 by Caden Bell


Written on 16/12/2017 by Caden Bell

nice! what's the plane type?

i'm guessing b737?

Written on 16/12/2017 by Caden Bell

The gravel kits were developed by Nordair (later merged into CP then into PWA which became Canadi>n Airlines International CP) to satisfy a northern supply contract to the
DEW (Defense Early Warning) line radar stations on the northern edge of the Arctic archipelego, with Alert NT at the top of the APEX, the northern most point in Canada. All of those stations had gravel strips. The C-FN?? probably indicates an ex-Nordair registration. PWA had them too for the various fly-in villlages in the NWT. They are now operated by Nolinor, Firstair and a mining company and that mining company services their private airstrip at their mine site about 100 nm north of Goose Bay LB (CYYR).

Written on 16/12/2017 by Ron Goes


Haïku ?

Written on 16/12/2017 by Luc Barbier

Howdy, Mark. For this set of shots of "Josie" arriving, I did not. Two reasons: 1) Selecting a different WB to make those ramp lights seem white instead of "sodium yellow" (lol) would have also altered those sunset colors. And 2) "Josie" was coming right past me only a few yards away and my main goal was to pan swiftly to get sharp clarity in the (almost) night darkness so I stayed with the settings I've been practicing over the past six weeks. But an hour or so later, I was right on the cargo ramp so I did change the WB and those lights did come out "LED white." PS >> How ya been? I'm back in WNY next summer. Trip is booked and confirmed so unless I end up "burned and urned" before then I'm hoping you and I will be able to meet.
Caden > TYVVM for the comment.

Written on 16/12/2017 by Gary Schenauer

Thanks to Art Troutman for all the military designations for all the Connies that served duty. In the 60's when flying out of SFO I used to see the EC-121H's climbing out of McClellen with the 3350's hard at work. The only airplane prettier than a 1049 Connie is the 1649!

Written on 16/12/2017 by charles rhodes

OOPS! watch out for that bird. We don't want another US Air in the river.

Written on 16/12/2017 by Leon Artac

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