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Could tax cuts for private jets help Michigan’s aviation businesses?

In the niche but profitable world of selling and maintaining airplanes, one lawmaker says Michigan is at a disadvantage and it’s costing the state business. Not every state charges sales and use tax when someone purchases a plane or obtains replacement parts, but Michigan does. And that 6% tax is scaring off plane buyers and owners in need of maintenance, says Rep. Jim Haadsma, D-Battle Creek. Legislation he introduced last month, House Bills 4898 and 4899, “provides an even playing field in… ( More...

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Highflyer1950 21
If you can afford an expensive private aircraft & operate it privately, then you can afford any tax, any state levies on it?
Greg S 13
Welfare for the wealthy.
patrick baker 9
just give rich, i mean really rich of they have private jets, just give rich plane owners places to spend necessary money without being taxed, and they will scurry like little piggies to the trough.
bentwing60 6
who else can afford the tax lawyers that make sure they don't pay any more than the minimum?
Karl Scribner 2
Rich kickbacks to Gretchen.

You can’t find kids to flip burgers in MI let alone put their games down long enough to learn how to fix airplanes, AND show up to work.
Bob Turner 3
Good idea Michigan, if you want to increase employment opportunities in aviation and local businesses (hotel, rental cars, restaurants) this should help.
I have taken several corporate aircraft to this facility which does good work. But I have also gone to other facilities. When you price in fuel and pilot expenses it’s not always an easy choice. This just might make the difference between getting a new customer or not.
Bob Turner 1
I’m sorry Michigan it sounds like a lot of the other members here on FlightAware are against free enterprise. Maybe they should move to someplace where most people can’t even afford cars, that way they would be considered rich.
Burke Files 3
The rich will not benefit that much. Those who would benefit are the mechanics, maintenance people, flight instructors, and folks who work at general aviation airports. That being said, the sales tax cut is insufficient to overcome MI other negatives tied to tax, law, labor, and excessive regulation.
Bob Turner 1
Well said
Utterly disgusting idea!
Kerry Moore 1
Washington State has Sales Tax exemption for INITIAL sale (Read Boeing) but sale is taxed on further sales. Most of the dealings I see the plane is ferried to Oregon (No Sales Tax) before the second title transfer.
rob strong 1
Makes sense. Same with jet fuel standards for "global warming/cooling/change" in CA. Commercial pax will be paying more in taxes and guess what is exempt? Private jets.
The squeaky wheel gets the grease. More rules for thee, not for me from the liberal elite.
Meanwhile, look at your receipt for your purchased flight... riddled with taxes and fees, so you know who's offsetting the exemptions. Us.


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