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There has been an 80% drop in cases of unruly airline passengers since 2021

ases of unruly airline passenger behavior have dropped by 80% since they peaked in 2021, the Federal Aviation Administration said. As of Monday, the FAA has recorded 1,117 instances of unruly behavior in 2023, down from 5,973 cases in 2021. ( More...

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Shabbir Bashar 4
"No more COVID protocols to deal with such as mask wearing, and less stress. That is what most of the drop is related to."
jeff slack 3
Even '1' is '1' too many ...........
sparkie624 4
About time... Sometimes I think that Flight Attendants should be equipped with Stun Guns for these idiots.. there is no reason for Unruly passengers.
Highflyer1950 2
Funny, maybe it’s because they’re on the no-fly list?


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