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New York smoke forces ground stop, delay at LaGuardia and Newark airports

By early afternoon, the FAA ordered ground stops at LaGuardia Airport in Queens and Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey, with NYC-bound flights being held on the ground at their airport of origin. The FAA sent out a message saying, "Boston to the New York metro area to Philadelphia and the DC Metro area, are all experiencing some smoke." ( More...

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dee9bee 3
The media has (as usual) been a little misleading. It's not the smoke but the reduced visibility caused by the smoke which, in turn, reduces the arrival rate. Cable news would like to infer that everyone onboard risks getting lung cancer or worse.
Mike Mohle -1
After all, it is all because of "Climate Change". The media always has to add that to their continuing commentary.
Nooge 4
Take it from Mike lets ignore scientists who have been predicting these 100 year events happening every year now

I like to refer to politicians not doctors and experts to know what I should think about vaccines masks and the devastating effects Climate change

Our big problem is the media /s

I really hope someone with his IQ is not behind the controls of a plane
Tim Dyck 4
How is this a 100 year event. We always have fires in the spring the only difference this year is the wind is pushing the smoke south into the USA.
Shenghao Han 2
It's satire on "Climate Change", not the fires. There were newspaper articles dated back to 1910's saying burning coal will cause "climate change", even though the bulk of industrialization explosion didn't happen until 1960's.
Mike Mohle -1
well, I am NOOGIE, flying from SDL to PBI today. They got The Covid stuff all right didn't they, lockdowns and all that other nonsense? Yes "experts, authorities, and officials" all "know" everything, except they don't. Fly safe!
matt jensen 0
It's unhealthy @ 203 - I wouldn't go outside for nothing there.
dee9bee 6
I agree. But if you're landing, you're going to be breathing it anyway, at least until you get home.
Randall Bursk 2
Long term exposure to smoke has health effects. Hot shot crews, fire departments, data proves it. Movie Elemental 2022 Reimagine Wildfire: Threat That We Can Control. Stream June 13, 2023. Documentary. Thank you for the people fighting/helping on the fires.
DonDengler 2
Winds shifted and its all clear. So what was the big deal everybody was squawking about ??
James Simms 2
‘Smoke ‘Em if you got ‘Em’.
I was wondering why JFK wasn't experiencing ground stops, since it is only 11 miles from LaGuardia, but I saw they had delays as well. I guess in this case they treat smoke as fog. You can run IFR takeoffs but the incoming traffic is seriously curtailed.
Stephen Martin 1
I don’t get it. Was the smoke there so dense that ceiling was below 200’ and visibility below 1/2mi? (ILS Cat I minimums)
Shenghao Han 1
Not really but it actually affects jet engine performance and ground workers don't have PPE for long term exposure.
Shenghao Han 1
Also similar smog/haze/smoke also caused ground stop in India.
Preston Daniel 1
Kinda funny......controlled burns turn into out of control burns. Forest service has did more harm to our forest then mother nature it self.
Dan Chiasson 0
FOX news. End of comment.


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