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Boeing’s Mid-Market Jet Delayed Until the Mid-2030s

Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun said last week that the plans for a New Midsize Airplane, initially intended to replace the out-of-production 757, were canceled in 2020, prompting a call for a fresh approach. Looking forward to 2025 and beyond, should Boeing invest in its 797 New Midsize Airplane (NMA) project or replace it’s best selling 737 with a brand new 150 to 250 seat design using 787 and 777X technologies? ( More...

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patrick baker 5
how many thousands of airbuses will be ordered and delivered because calhoon and his board can't pull the trigger on the next great boeing debacle. ??Boeing has already ceeded the territory of the 321xl and its follow ons, and seems ready to allow the A220-500 to be designed, tested and sold, gouging out more 737 territory. If the task of keeping up with and surpassing airbus is too daunting for the current folks in charge, and the harmful effects from that malfeasence are what it appears to be, a palace coup is overdue. Boeing will have to be spelled with a small b instead of a capitol B.
Alan Winn 3
I agree, Boooeing has so many problems and is low on cash. It will not be able to pull the trigger until it solves its 737, 787 production issues.
k1121j 3
Slowly dying due to the need to take home cash even at the price of lost sales. Makes no sense to me but when greed takes over I see why. Capitalism at its worst
We'll all actually be surprised when Boeing actually follows through on a new aircraft.


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