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Russia-Ukraine War

U.S. Will Support F-16 Training for Ukraine The decision comes amid pressure from some European allies to allow Ukraine to obtain the advanced fighter jets, and as President Zelensky is expected to attend a G7 meeting in Japan. ( More...

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patrick baker 4
it would be a splendid surprise if A-10 warthogs entered the battle space to attack russian positions. I have not heard much about the usefulness of warthogs in Ukraine, but if they could survive in that toxic airspace and deliver their weapons, recall please these planes were designed to be used in a russian invasion of nato , targets being tanks and other attack vehicles. Plenty of those in the occupied part of Ukraine. Are F-16s truly the next great idea for ukranians to use against russians? Some electronic warfare f-16's would have a role to play to supress russian signals.
victorbravo77 1
NB: Use the entire link.


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