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JD Power Survey: Best and Worst Airlines in US, 2023 March

New data confirm there is increased overall consumer disappointment with American carriers compared with a year earlier, save for those in the very front of the plane. On a 1,000-point scale, passengers rated their satisfaction at 791 points—a C+, in letter grades—according to the 2023 North America Airline Satisfaction Study, released on Wednesday, from consumer research firm J.D. Power. ( More...

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Sean Awning 4 has bar charts.
k1121j 1
Covid somehow became an excuse not to care about customers anymore. Now they are all just paying cattle. Definitely looking for alternatives to my current airline I choose.
linbb 3
Seems to me pax are a huge problem these days with inflight and ground acts by pax for no reason has caused many more problems in the last few years. Its just like all the other acting out people are doing in public. Point to why the airlines are at fault for people ranting, hitting flight attendants trying to open exits in the air as the airlines problem. You cannot The Karens at the gate assaulting verbally and physically people just trying to do there jobs. Its even taking place at fast food joints for no reason.
patrick baker 0
these tie in accounts for the right to read the article is bad form, bad manners and bad practice.


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