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Pilots at American Airlines are united in strike authorization vote

96% participation rate with 99% voting to authorize a strike. Great job by the pilots to stand united. Time for American Airlines to quit dragging their feet. ( More...

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avionik99 7
"A captain flying narrow-body planes would make $475,000 at the top of the scale while the most senior captains of wide-body planes would make $590,000 per year, based on a recent contract proposal."

Are you kidding me? How can anyone survive on that pittance of a salary! Attica! Attica! Attica!
Yet the guys on the ground that make damn sure you don't fall out of the sky make so much less??
Silent Bob 1
Not that the "guys on the ground" don't deserve every penny they make, and more. But the level of experience and commitment, and often times money, to become a pilot is much greater.

Next time you're on a plane think about an engine exploding, or a rapid depressurization, then come back and tell me pilots are overpaid.
saso792 1
Show us the offical proposal you speak of and we will believe you. You can't and won't back it up with the proposal because it isn't true.
linbb 1
I know its just a crime that those pilots cant make it on that salary wont let them get a new private plane or third vacation home. WOW, well thats one reason I got out of working on aircraft low pay had to have a tool box that cost half as much as many smaller homes. Knew captains back then about sixty years ago same deal. One had a full time girl friend, two light planes, summer home, kids to raise by his wife of many years. Just saying...............yup all tose mechanics and ground people keeping that airplane safe making as much as there yearly tax bill.
bbabis 2
And you wonder why airlines want to eliminate the copilot and then the pilot.
at this point the pilots and their union have an upper hand" over the company..we all are aware that covid brought great changes to the airline business,lots of pilots,flight attendants and ground personnel retired in lieu of lay offs,so when the airlines came back full force, they were shorthanded..all of them,including anmerican have had to cut back on routes and flights because of a lack of personnel..all of them have been hiring as quickly as possible to fill those open slots in order to keep operations going..if american says they are working to have parity with delta pilots,i will bet thats true..i have worked during various strikes before,and thats not fun,however, the company and union always come to quick solutions..this will happen here as well..
dee9bee 1
Cable news is in a frenzy over this..."HOW WILL THIS AFFECT YOUR SUMMER TRAVEL PLANS" ??? Jeez, the Pilots aren't even in mediation yet. Based on my own personal experience, everyone's travel plans are safe for a couple more years :-) I'll add a frown emoji for the Pilots.

Nonetheless, from a publicity standpoint, the union got their point across and the media took the bait.
sparkie624 1
All they are doing is hurting their own airline... What they gain, they will lose in a long run.


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