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Delta restarts daily service between London and Los Angeles

Delta Air Lines is relaunching a daily service from London Heathrow to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), with the inaugural flight set to take off on Sunday (26 March). The non-stop route, last operated by the carrier in 2015, will be serviced by A330-900neo aircraft, which features four cabin classes, including Delta One Suites and Delta Premium Select. ( More...

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Lance Neward 1
Let the market decide
Greg Mermel 1
And they seriously think they can do a :35 turn on an international arrival at LAX? That's what it says: arrive 19:50 and depart 20:25.

On time percentage for this flight is likely to be in the single digits.
twschmidt4 1
Didn't say it was the same day!!!
mimana 1
Good elegant comfortable choice with A330-900neo.
John Lasher -3
If DL’s lacklustrer meal service is anything to go by, I doubt they will be competitive with either BA or any other carrier on this route
Brian Chandler 4
When is the last time you flew BA? Because if you're hyping their in-flight service as better than any other TATL carrier it's been a long time. They're not good.
Ken Jackson 2
Two years ago to Ireland. BA service was exemplary.
James Cross 5
I've had MUCH better experience with Delta than BA on transatlatnic flights. Amazing FA's on Delta, BA were quite rude. DL had better food, too.
James Cross 5
I've had MUCH better experience with Delta than BA on transatlantic flights. Amazing FA's on Delta, BA were quite rude. DL had better food, too.
Zaf Mannan 1
Just flew several routes with BA (business , premium economy and economy) since Nov 2022. San Jose to LHR, LHR to PHX, PHX to LHR, LHR to DEL. Flight attendant was rude on only one flight, otherwise nothing to really complain about, service as expected. Now food, that was uninspired, whether in business or economy. On one business class flight the barbecued chicken dish was plain chicken breast with a terrible sauce over it, tasted very bland. Seemed like a cheap sauce you could buy in your local super market. 10 days ago I was on Qatar, SFO-DOH-DEL rtn, part of it was in business. What a contrast on food, flight attendant attentiveness/courtesy, especially in business. Perhaps a bit better attentiveness/courtesy in economy than on BA but nothing to really remark about. It was the food that made the difference. BA is just bland.

Long time since I flew United but I understand their service has improved all round. Flying the same route as Emirates, they would have had to address any service issues. Anyway, I understand they have an excellent Polaris business product.
Arun Nair 1
Oh god! BA food is several grades lower than DL quality these days!


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